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Frequently asked questions

How Funbridge works

Average performance

What is the average performance?

A player's average performance is represented by two values: one in IMP and the other one in percentage. They reflect the player's level.

Example: 58.4%/+1.2 IMP.
It means that on average, the player scores 58.4% in MP tournaments and +1.2 IMP per deal in IMP tournaments.

Where can I find other players' average performance and mine?

The average performance can be found in your profile and in any player's profile (click on any player's username anywhere in the app to access it).

How is the average performance calculated?

A player's average performance is calculated based on deals played in the following tournaments: practice deals, tournaments of the day, series tournaments, challenges, exclusive tournaments, team tournaments and federation tournaments.

To determine a player's average performance, we calculate his handicap using the following formulas:

MP scoring
Handicap on a deal = 50 – (Gross result in % * (100 – 2*AHCT) / 100)

IMP scoring
Handicap on a deal = -(Gross result in IMP * 7) * ((100 – 2*AHCT) / 100)

The Average Handicap in the Tournament (AHCT) represents the average of the handicaps of all the players taking part in the tournament and who have played at least one deal.

A player's average performance is therefore the average of all his handicaps on each deal (out of the 5,000 latest results).

Is my average performance impacted in case I withdraw?

The calculation of the average performance is not impacted in case you withdraw on the deal and the contract is not determined. In other words, if you withdraw on a deal after choosing your contract, this will be taken into account for the calculation.

My average performance is not changing. Is this normal?

The average performance is not updated until a tournament ends.
We remind you that series tournaments are closed at the end of each period, i.e. 1st-15th and 16th-end of each month.

Moreover, below 200 deals played, we don't consider the average performance as representative and your values remain 50%/0 IMP.