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Frequently asked questions


Team Championship

What is the Team Championship?

The Team Championship is a game mode where every month teams of players compete against each other in tournaments of 15 deals in several divisions. The aim of the game is to reach the highest division over the months.

Who can create a team?

Any player can create his own team. He automatically becomes the team captain.

Who makes up the team?

A team must be made up of 4 to 6 players, including team captain, to take part in the championship.

There are 4 starters and 2 substitutes maximum per team.

What is the role of a team captain?

The captain’s mission is to manage his team. He is the one who:

  • Recruits his team members,
  • Manages starters and substitutes,
  • Deals with the substitution of his players.

How does the championship work?

Teams are broken down into 6 divisions based on their starters' average performance: top teams enter Division 1 and so on.

The average performance, displayed in IMP and %, is a value calculated based on all the tournaments played by a player on Funbridge. This information can be found in every player's profile.

Every month teams face each other in their respective division on 5 rounds:

  • Round 1: From Day 1 to Day 5
  • Round 2: From Day 6 to Day 10
  • Round 3: From Day 11 to Day 15
  • Round 4: From Day 16 to Day 20
  • Round 5: From Day 21 to Day 25

Each round consists of 1 tournament of 15 deals in IMP scoring.

Then teams get ranked within their division based on the results of each of their starters on each round.

At the end of the month, in each division 33% of the top teams go up one division and 33% of the bottom teams go down one division.

And so on every month.

What happens if I create my team while the championship is in progress?

A team can be created at any time: if it is made up of at least 4 players, at the beginning of the next month it will enter one of the 6 divisions based on its starters’ average performance.

What happens if I find myself with a team of less than 4 players while the championship is in progress?

A team which finds itself with less than 4 players is allowed to play until the end of the month in question.

If a player joins the team while a round has already started, he can play the tournament of that round.

If the team doesn't manage to find one or several new players by the end of the month, it won't be allowed to participate the next month and will be ruled out of divisions.

May my team be dissolved?

Yes, in two cases:

  • The team captain can dissolve his team (such dissolution will take effect at the end of a round or immediately if the month has ended).
  • A team which has been made up of less than 4 players for more than 3 months is automatically dissolved.

How are points calculated in a tournament?

Here is the calculation method:

R = Rank in the tournament.
N = Number of teams registered for the tournament (not the number of participants in the tournament).
E = Number of players placed equal R (including the player concerned).
Points scored by player: N - R - ((E - 1) / 2).

Please note that a player won't score any points if he doesn't play his tournament of 15 deals on the round.

What happens to equally placed teams?

If teams are equally placed in their division rankings, the IMP total of each team in the month will be used to break the tie.

If the teams have the same IMP total, priority will be given to the one with the poorest average performance (i.e. all players’ average performance).