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Frequently asked questions


Federation tournaments rankings

How do the federation tournaments rankings work?

The federation rankings enable you to get ranked based on the number of Funbridge Points won and/or the number of federation points awarded by federations.
Thanks to these ranking lists, you can compare yourself to all players taking part in federation tournaments and not only to the players taking part in a given federation tournament specifically.

The drop-down menu at the top of the screen allows you to select the rankings of a specific federation.
The different tabs under this menu allow you to display the rankings over a specific period (previous month/current month/total) and with all or only some players (friends, players from my country).

What are "Funbridge Points"?

For each tournament played, you earn Funbridge Points on top of the points awarded by the federation.
These points allow you to join the Funbridge Points rankings.
There are Funbridge Points tournaments allowing you to earn this type of points exclusively. Click here to find out more: FAQ - Federation tournaments.

Why is a 20% deduction applied to the Funbridge Points rankings?

This 20% deduction (applied to each player's total number of Funbridge Points on the first of each month) aims at preventing new players who would like to join the Funbridge Points rankings from being put off.

How are the different types of points awarded?

The formula used to award federation points varies according to the federation selected. We invite you to read the FAQ about federation tournaments for more information: FAQ - Federation tournaments.

Why am I not included in the rankings?

To be included in the rankings, you must have won Funbridge Points or federation points over the period displayed (previous month or current month).