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Frequently asked questions

How Funbridge works

How to play?

Please also note that an Internet connection is required by the Funbridge application to play. Why? Simply because the game engine (the artificial intelligence playing bridge with you) is not present in the application. This way, the game engine is much more powerful. On top of that, it allows us to continuously improve the game engine without you having to update your application.

General principle
On Funbridge, you play the hand in South. North, East and West are played by computers, in the same way for all tables so that you can be fairly compared to other human players.
It offers the following huge advantage: you play your tournaments whenever you want and at your own pace, and you can interrupt (pause) a deal at any time to resume it later.

North uses the conventions that you have set in the settings and East/West play the French system confirmed.
Please also note that if North is the declarer, rather than leaving you as the dummy in South, seats at the table are switched and you then play the contract from the North hand.

Creating an account
To play Funbridge, you have to create an account first. Find out more in the section Installation, account creation, prices > Account creation and email address certification

How to play?

During the bidding phase:
To bid, simply tap the bid that you want to make. The bidding cards will be zoomed in.
Tap the bid that you want to make once again and it will be zoomed in again. The pop-up window with bidding tips is displayed in this context if you have checked it in the application settings (Find out more in the section How Funbridge works > Settings).
Tap the bidding card for the last time to validate your bid.

You can cancel the selected bid at any time by tapping one of the bids marked in grey.
When the auction is over, a pop-up window will display the contract to be played as well as the declarer.

During card play:
To play a card, simply tap the one that you want to play. If the suit to be played is known (during the trick), Funbridge will preselect the cards of the requested suit and you will then only need to touch the card that you want to play.
If the suit to be played is not known (you don't have any cards of the suit in your hand or it is your turn to play the first card of the trick), just touch the suit that you want to play. Funbridge will preselect the cards of this suit and you will then only need to touch the card that you want to play.

Funbridge automatically plays singletons (a single card of a given suit in your hand).

You can open the application side panel on the right of the game table at any time (always displayed in landscape format on iPad). This panel allows access to the application settings and different actions, such as "claim", "withdraw" and "stop" to stop the deal in progress.

Tips while playing
- At the table, the player whose turn it is to play is indicated by a small yellow arrow.
- Your honour points in South are displayed during the bidding phase on the bottom left of the bidding cards.
- The contract played and the declarer are indicated by the bidding card facing the declarer's hand.
- Vulnerability is indicated by the colour of the North, South, East and West cardinal points, i.e. red means vulnerable and green means non-vulnerable.
- The number of tricks taken by the side playing the contract is displayed on the table top as a fraction: number of tricks taken / number of tricks to be taken to make the contract.

Review a deal
You have the possibility to watch a replay of all the deals that you have played, as well as the moves of the other players who have played the same deals as you. To access the viewer for a given deal, click on the result for which you want to watch a replay.