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Frequently asked questions


Exclusive tournaments

Exclusive tournaments are accessible from the game mode "Practice".

Exclusive tournaments allow you to:
  • Create your own bridge tournaments,
  • Participate in tournaments created by other players,
  • Share your views on played deals with other players.
This is the ideal mode to bring together friends, Funbridge players, members of the same bridge club or simply casual players.

To be allowed to create an exclusive tournament, a player must have a subscription to Funbridge or must have purchased deals. A minimum of 100 deals left on his account is also required.
A player can create no more than 3 tournaments.
The tournament creator is automatically included among the participants.

Find a tournament
To find a tournament, click on "View all tournaments" and type in the tournament name or the tournament creator's screen name/real name/email address.

Favourite tournaments
To add a tournament to your favourites, click the star next to the tournament name.
Your favourite tournaments will be accessible from the game mode home screen.