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Frequently asked questions



What is a challenge?

A challenge is a tournament of 5 deals played one-on-one in IMP scoring.

Who can I challenge?

You can challenge any Funbridge player as well as our artificial intelligence Argine.

The player you challenge/Argine and you play the same deals. The winner is the one who scores best on the 5 deals of the challenge.

How do I challenge a player/Argine?

To challenge a player, select the game mode "Challenge a player" on Funbridge home screen.

If you play this game mode for the first time, your friend list will be displayed by default. Just click the "Challenge" button next to your friend's username to send him an invitation (valid for 24 hours).

If your friend list is empty, you can "Find an opponent randomly" by clicking the relevant button.

Lastly, click the "Challenge Argine" button to pit yourself against our artificial intelligence.

Please note that it is also possible to send a challenge request to a player via his profile (Tip: click on a player's username anywhere in the Funbridge app to open his profile).

For how long is a challenge available?

Once the invitation is accepted, you and your opponent have three days to play the challenge.

Is it possible to replay the deals of a challenge?

Yes, you can replay all the deals of a challenge once it is over. However, please note that your score on a deal replayed will remain the same as originally.

Where can I find my challenge history?

You can find the overall history of the challenges you have played (sum of your wins, losses and draws) in your profile (which is itself accessible by clicking "View my profile" from the "My account" page).

In your profile, click on the arrow next to your challenge results to view all the opponents challenged as well as your number of wins, losses and draws against each of them.

You can find the opponents you have recently challenged and your results (against each of them) on the home screen of the "Challenge a player" game mode. Click on the arrow next to one of the players to view the details of the challenges you have played against him over the last 30 days.

Is it possible to remove a player from my challenge list?

Yes. Click on the "bin" icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. Then select the player you want to remove.

Please note that your results against this player will be kept.