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Frequently asked questions


Two player practice

You can practise with a friend on Funbridge. Sitting North-South at the same table, you play against the computers sitting East-West.

To invite a friend to practise with you, both of you must be logged in. Open his profile by clicking on his screen name or avatar anywhere in the application, then click on the "Invite" button in the "Practise with my friend" section.

Then select one of the game modes available:

  • Random deal,
  • More points in N/S (+23 points),
  • More points in N/S - E/W pass,
  • Preemptive openings,
  • Responses to 1NT or 2NT opening,
  • Major fits,
  • Responses to overcall,
  • Opener's rebids - one-suiter,
  • Opener's rebids - two-suiter,
  • Slam bidding,
  • Landy,
  • Roudi,
  • Responses to a takeout double,
  • Overcalls.
Once the game mode is chosen, your partner receives your invitation and will accept or decline it.

Please note that you will play with your convention system set in the app settings. To edit your conventions, go to "Settings" > "Bidding conventions" > "Edit my system".