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Frequently asked questions


Results at the end of deals

At the end of the deal, you access the results window in which you can find various information on the deal you have just played:

- The deal number (e.g. 2/20), the contract that you or your opponents have made on this deal (e.g. West played 3NT) and the deal result (e.g. Result 10 tricks).

- Your score on the deal and in the ongoing tournament:

  • In % or in IMPs according to the ranking mode selected
  • Your rank (e.g. 3/12)

- The contracts most played by other players on the same deal.

- The "See all players" button allowing you to display the rankings per participants, contracts or friends.

- Analysis of your card play: the percentage of players who took more tricks than you as well as the percentage of players who took fewer tricks than you with the same trump contract are displayed.

Among the 15 players who also played with hearts as trump:

  • No player took more tricks than you
  • 50% took fewer tricks than you

- Maximum N/S contract: the maximum contract shows the highest contract you can make without East/West being able to prevent you from doing so.
Please note that this maximum contract is theoretical because it would mean that opponents always make the best lead and play the best defence.
It is therefore possible to make better contracts in reality. It just means that opponents could have prevented you from doing so if they had played perfectly.
Please also note that these contracts can only be made by North/South and sometimes, East/West won't let you play them since they may play a higher contract themselves.

On this deal, you could have made a 5C contract without East/West being able to prevent you from doing so.

- Analysis of your bids: the game engine analyses the bids made at the beginning of the deal and reports your mistakes.

Please note that your 3S bid matches a hand of 13 points at most whereas you had 16.