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Frequently asked questions

How Funbridge works


The application settings can be accessed from the side menu and allow you to set:

Your playing conventions

Set your bidding and card play conventions among the profiles available.

To find out more, go to: How Funbridge works > Playing conventions

Your game options

On this screen, you can set your display and ergonomics preferences at the game table.

Take a played card back
Enabled: you must confirm the cards you play when they are at the centre of the table (the cards shake) by tapping them. If you have played the wrong card, it allows you to cancel it by tapping anywhere around the card.

Auto trick collection
Several choices are available for this option.
Never: you will always have to click on the trick to collect it.
After X seconds: the trick will be automatically collected after X seconds but you can still collect it by clicking on it.

Switch North and South when North is the declarer
Enabled: if North is the declarer, you play the deal with the North hand displayed at the bottom of the screen. The dummy, South, appears at the top of the screen, and East and West are thus switched.

Play singletons automatically
Enabled: singletons (a single card of a given suit in your hand) are played automatically. If you disable this option, you will have to play singletons yourself.

Display the pop-up window with bidding tips
Enabled: the pop-up window with bidding tips will be displayed based on the last bids played. It gives you an estimate of the hand which made a higher bid. It gives you details on the range of the number of cards in each suit, as well as an estimate of the points in the hand.

Display the total number of tricks taken on the deal
Enabled: in the result windows, the total number of tricks taken on the deal will be displayed. If disabled, it is the trick difference for the contract played which is displayed (e.g. if 11 tricks are taken in a contract at the 4-level, +1 will be displayed).

Cursor flashing at the table when it is my turn to play
Enabled: when it is your turn to play, a flashing cursor (a yellow triangle) will be displayed.

Alert card
Enabled: alerts are displayed at the table.
As a reminder, in bridge, you must use the alert card as soon as you make a conventional bid. In other words, each non-standard bid must be alerted.

Deck of cards
It allows you to choose between a French and an English deck of cards, and between 2 colours (red and black) and 4 colours (red, black, orange, blue).

Card back
It allows you to select the card back pattern.

Animation speed
It allows you to set animation speed (e.g. how long it takes for a card to move from a player's hand to the centre of the table) and therefore the pace of a deal.

Application sounds

Effects while playing
Enabled: sounds (cards, bids, tricks, etc.) are enabled during the deal.

Enabled: music is played when screens other than the game table are displayed.

Enabled: the bids, leads, contract, alerts and result are announced out loud while playing.

The emails you receive

You can select the information that you want to receive by email (check/uncheck boxes according to your preferences):

  • Funbridge newsletter
  • Information about your results
  • Promotional emails

The push notifications that you receive

You can decide to be informed by push notifications* when you receive (check/uncheck boxes according to your preferences):

  • Funbridge bulletins
  • Friend requests
  • Messages: Always / Only from my friends / Never
  • Challenge requests: Always / Only from my friends / Never

*Push notifications are alerts that will be directly displayed on your smartphone and/or tablet outside the Funbridge application.

Your privacy options

Privacy options allow you to limit some actions of the application. Check/uncheck boxes according to your preferences from the application:

  • I want to receive challenge requests from my friends only
  • I want to receive messages from my friends only
  • I want my friends to be informed of my results