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Frequently asked questions

How Funbridge works

My friends

The application allows you to "follow" a player or add him as a "friend".

You can play challenges and practise with a friend.

In some rankings, you can filter how results are displayed and select only the players you are friends with and the ones you follow by clicking the "My friends" button.

Adding, following and blocking a player.
To add, follow or block a player, you must open his profile (by clicking on his screen name anywhere in the application), then click on the action you want to select:

  • Send a friend request: it sends an invitation.
  • Follow: the player will be displayed in tournaments rankings.
  • Block: the player will no longer be able to send you friend requests, challenge requests and messages.

You can also look for friends from the "My friends" window, accessible from the side menu.
You can look for them among the Funbridge players, your Facebook friends as well as in the contact list of your device. Once you have found your friend, just click on the "Add" button.