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Frequently asked questions


Tournaments of the day

On Funbridge, tournaments of the day allow you to rank yourself against all other players, all series taken together.

Tournaments and geographical areas
Every day, 8 24-hour tournaments of 20 deals are available, 2 per geographical area, one with MP ranking and the other one with IMP ranking.
Geographical areas are: (Western) Americas, (Eastern) Americas, Europe-Africa and Asia-Oceania.
Tournament start times vary according to the geographical area chosen.
To play a tournament, select the geographical area of your choice on the map, the IMP or MP mode, then click on play.

Calculating score
Only played deals are taken into account in rankings. All players will be able to be included in the tournament general rankings with their temporary average, even if they have not finished the tournament.

Once the tournament is closed:
- We count 25% for non-played deals in MP ranking.
- We count -6 IMPs for non-played deals in IMP ranking.

By default, you are ranked among the players who have finished the tournament. By checking the "All" filter, you will appear among all players (whether the tournament is closed or not).
By checking the "Friends" filter, your Funbridge friends will appear in the tournament of the day rankings and you will therefore be able to compare yourself to them.

If a player has not played the 20 deals of his tournament:
- No rank will be attributed to him in the general rankings. A dash "-" is then displayed in the "rank" column, but also instead of his rank in the related windows.
- The number of deals in the "played deals" column is displayed in red.

Unlike other game modes, in the Tournament of the day mode, a deal ranking groups players together according to the suit of the contract played and per score.
Example: Two players play the same deal. One player makes a 2S +1 contract and the other one makes 3S with no overtricks. These two players will thus have the same score in the same suit played and will appear on the same line in the deal rankings. Watch out for the number of players grouped together per line.