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Frequently asked questions

Installation, account creation

Account creation and email address certification


There are two ways of creating an account from the Funbridge application:

The "create an account" button
You will be asked to enter some information in the appropriate fields:

- Your email address
- A password
- A screen name

This will be your login information. You will need it to log into the application.

Log in with Facebook
When clicking this button, the Funbridge application will be linked to your Facebook account: the email address of your Funbridge account will be the one used for your Facebook account.
The advantage of logging in with Facebook is that only one click is required to access Funbridge. You don't need to enter a password.


When you create an account on Funbridge, we offer you 100 deals (offer valid only once per device):

- 50 deals offered when you sign up
- 50 deals offered when you certify your email address

To certify your email address, just click on the link provided for this purpose in the email received following the creation of your Funbridge account. When you will log into the application again, your account will be credited with 50 extra free deals.


Once your account is created and your email address is certified, you can log into Funbridge from any device on which the game is available:

- Windows computers
- Mac computers
- Android smartphones and tablets
- iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Therefore you can start a tournament on your smartphone, pause and resume it later on your tablet or computer.