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Frequently asked questions


Funbridge Points Tournaments

What are "Funbridge Points"?

Funbridge Points are awarded for Funbridge Points tournaments and federation tournaments.
Indeed, when you take part in a federation tournament, you earn Funbridge Points in addition to the official points awarded by your federation.
The Funbridge Points earned allow you to join the Funbridge Points rankings. It is perfect to compare yourself to the whole community of Funbridge players.

What is a Funbridge Points tournament?

Funbridge Points tournaments are tournaments of 12 deals for which Funbridge Points are awarded. They take place every hour (IMP/MP alternately).

What are the requirements to take part in Funbridge Points tournaments?

These tournaments are open to everyone.
To take part, you must have enough credits for Funbridge Points tournaments. These specific credits are not included in our standard offers. They are available in the Funbridge Points tournaments shop and on our online shop.
Please note that these credits can be used for Funbridge Points tournaments only.

How are Funbridge Points calculated?

They are calculated as follows:
Points earned = 2 x (Number of participants + 1 - Rank) / log10(Rank +2)

Why is a 20% deduction applied at the beginning of each month?

This 20% deduction (applied to each player's total number of Funbridge Points on the first of each month) aims at preventing new players who would like to join the Funbridge Points rankings from being put off.

How are the deals of a tournament dealt?

The number of deals generated for a tournament is higher than the number of deals played, so that all players won't play the same deals and not in the same order.

Why aren't other players' results displayed?

At the end of the deal, players have only access to their own result on the deal, i.e. contract played, result, score and rank.
Other players' results will be displayed only when the tournament is over.

Are non-played deals included in the score displayed?

The average displayed takes into account the results on deals played. Only played deals are taken into account. Any non-played deal at the end of the tournament will get a score of 0%.