Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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FSB Green Points tournaments are open to everyone. To take part, every player must have enough credits for FSB tournaments.

A tournament consists of 20 deals in MP scoring with at least 5 players. If the minimum number of players required is not reached, the tournament is cancelled and you will get your credits back.

Tournament frequency

  • On Sundays from 10:00-00:00.

Entry fee - credits
Several packs of credits for FSB tournaments are available (1 credit allows you to play 1 tournament of 20 deals):

  • 1 credit for FSB tournaments: CHF3.00 (€/$2.99)
  • 5 credits for FSB tournaments: CHF15.00 (€/$14.99)
  • 10 credits for FSB tournaments: CHF30.00 (€/$30.99)
  • 20 credits for FSB tournaments: CHF60.00 (€/$59.99)

You can purchase credits in the Funbridge shop symbolised by a trolley on the home screen of your app.

You can also purchase them in our online shop. Click here.

Please note that credits for FSB tournaments cannot be refunded. You can delete your registration for a tournament before it starts (click on the button "registered").

At the end of the deal, players only have access to their own result on the deal, i.e. contract played, result, score and rank.
Other players' results will be displayed at the end of the tournament only.

Calculation of the number of deals based on the number of participants
The number of deals generated for a tournament is higher than the number of deals played, so that all players won't play the same deals and not in the same order.

Awarding of Green Points
The number of Green Points awarded at the end of a tournament is equal to twice the number of players in the tournament.

The number of points awarded to each player is calculated based on the following formula:

A(r)=K x ((N + a) / r - a)^m (Please note that "m" is an exponent and means "to the power m") where:

  • K is a multiplier set so that the sum of the points awarded is equal to the overall number of points.
  • a=2, which allows to award Green Points to half of the participants.
  • r is the rank reached by the player.
  • Up to 50 players: the m exponent is equal to 1/1.9.
  • Beyond 50 players: m=1/1.9 - L/60 with L=Napierian logarithm (N/4).