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How Funbridge works

Playing conventions

On Funbridge, you always play in South associated to a game engine in North and against two other engines in East/West.

To ensure mutual understanding between you and your partner North, we enable you to set your card play and bidding conventions.

To do so, go to Settings > Card play conventions or Bidding conventions > Edit my system.

Card play conventions

Setting your card play conventions allows you to indicate if your partner North will interpret or not the different card play signals that you will send to him.

We have set 2 different profiles of card play conventions:

  • Without meaning: North will not interpret any card play signal from you.
  • Classic:
    • Leads: 4th best in NT and 3rd/5th in a suit contract.
    • Discards: direct signal.

East/West play classic conventions (3rd/5th leads in a suit contract, 4th best in NT, discards: direct signal).

Bidding conventions

Setting your bidding conventions allows you to specify the system that you will play with your partner North.

We have set 23 different profiles for you, depending on your level and the basic system that you want to play. The higher your level, the more you will play conventions and the more complicated they will be (see details at the bottom of this page).

  • At beginner level, you will mainly play Stayman/Jacoby transfer/Blackwood.
  • At intermediate level, you will add Roudi, 3rd and 4th suit forcing, Drury, Splinter, 2NT with a fit, two-suiters, etc.
  • At competition level, you will play the whole range of the most recent conventions used by competition players.

It should be pointed out that the system used by East/West remains unchanged, i.e. 5-card major at intermediate level.

Free profile

The free profile allows you to select the conventions that you want to play yourself. But be aware that it is aimed at the most experienced players and is likely to slow down game speed a little bit.

Bidding conventions overview



You will find below the bidding sequences that are specific to Argine and/or not standard.

1D 2C
2NT = 12-14
3NT = 18-19

1D 1H
1S 2C
2NT = 12-15
3NT = 16-19

1D 1S
3D 3H = 5S or a stopper issue in C
  3S = 6S or a stopper issue in H

1D 1H
3D 3H = 5H or a stopper issue in S
  3S = 6H or a stopper issue in C

1NT 2D
2H 3D
3H = a fit in H
3S = a stopper issue in C

1H 2D
3D 3H = a fit in H or a stopper issue in S
  3S = a stopper issue in C

1S 2D
3D 3H = a stopper issue in C
  3S = a fit in S or a stopper issue in H

2C 2D
3NT = this is an unexpected bid, therefore giving no new information

4NT Blackwood or quantitative 4NT

Be careful! In many sequences, the 4NT bid is not a Blackwood.
Indeed, for 4NT to be a Blackwood, a fit needs to be established first.
Otherwise, 4NT is a quantitative bid, i.e. inviting to play a slam (often in No Trump) if the partner does not hold the minimum.

1D 1S
2D 4NT = Quantitative bid

Asking for the Queen of trumps after a Blackwood

After a Blackwood, the "collante" [i.e. next suit up or "Sticky" in English] (excluding trump suit) asks the partner if he holds the Queen of trumps. Responses are:
1st level = I do not hold the Queen of trumps
Returning to trump suit = I hold the Queen of trumps with no outside King
5NT = I hold the Queen of trumps with no economically biddable outside King (below trump level)
All other bids show the Queen of trumps and the King of the named suit.

1D 1S
2D 4D
4H 4NT
5C 5H
5S = I do not hold the Queen of trumps
5NT = I hold the Queen of trumps and the King of H or the King of S
6C = I hold the Queen of trumps and the King of C
6D = I hold the Queen of trumps with no King

Responding to major overcalls

It has been decided that cue-bids would show a fit.

1D 1S Pass 2D = This cue-bid promises a fit in Spades and at least about 10 points.

North's conventions for leads and discards are set in your card play profile.
East/West's conventions are classic (3rd/5th leads in a suit contract, 4th best in notrump, discards: direct).
East/West don’t take South's lead signals into account. They simply assume that South leads from his longest suit.
On the first suit played by declarer, East and West give "count" (if they hold at least 2 small cards).
On the first round of a suit (by following suit or discarding), East/West give count in the suit if they cannot play higher, there is no case of unblocking and they hold at least 2 small cards.

In notrump, with an honour-third, Argine leads the second card.
In a suit contract, North gives upside-down count in the trump suit.
In a suit contract, with 4 small cards, Argine leads the second one and the third one with an honour.