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12. april 2024



11. april 2024

The game portion is excellent, however when purchasing deals, the system, although advertising the amount in US funds, does not allow you to pay using a US credit card, if you reside in Canada.

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Only play practice hands’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘Ability to replay the same game, and to review the recommended bid or card to play’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To improve my game’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Doesn’t help so much with the bidding, since I cannot set up the profile to match what I have been taught, but has improved the playing of the cards.’


11. april 2024

Best I have come across.

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Open tournaments involving other players.’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘Basic conventions such as Stayman for its simplicity.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Because it is the one best suitable to my ability.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes, because of the various problems encountered and subsequently their solutions.’


8. april 2024

Not clear what you pay for!? Had to pay twice to get diamonds only to discover that I can’t use them to play and ran out of credits all the time.


4. april 2024



2. april 2024

Fun but often down on mondays

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Practice’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘All of them’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Living isolated’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Keeps me playing’


28. mars 2024

Very god

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Mainly practice’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘I only play practice bridgei’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Because it is the easiest way for me to play bridge.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I assume so’


27. mars 2024

The computer is inflexible it does not understand nuances. Sometimes players use kidology and the computer doesn't realise. It is very regimented

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Challenges’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘Acol’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Too old to get out’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Dramatic improvement in card play and of bidding accuracy’


25. mars 2024

AWESOME-I play everyday


23. mars 2024

Good variety, flexibility and standard

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Exclusive tournaments’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘Acol’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Covid then use for warm up before face to face’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. Warms me up before a match’


20. mars 2024

Fine - it functions as expected. Billing is not so good.

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Not applicable yet.’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘I’m not near trying "different" conventions.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Do you mean "live"? I play live through a different app. If you play “live" I’m not aware of how it works.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes, but I’m new so no where near the experience level of people that put up with me.’


17. mars 2024

Very challenging and fun.

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Challenge augine’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘Blackwood’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Challenges me and helps my game’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Definitely helps. Y game’


16. mars 2024

Too often, it stalls. For example, I have to leave the app and go back into it, just to see what West has played,


15. mars 2024

I like it.

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Practice’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘XYZ, It hard to find xyz practice’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I like the feedback and comparison to other players and the ability to replay hands.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I think it helps me with play of the hand. Bidding, not so much.’


15. mars 2024

Ok but nothing special

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Challenge a player’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘ACOL. benji, weak NT, weak twos’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Provides a quick time filler’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘A bit. Bidding slams’


14. mars 2024


Favoritt spill modus: ‘Practice’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘No Trump’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘More accessible’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes it improve my skills, it allows me to replay as much as I need it needed.’


10. mars 2024

Great fun to use.


9. mars 2024


Favoritt spill modus: ‘Don’t know’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘5 card majors’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Practice’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Seeing how other players played the same deal.’


6. mars 2024

Love it

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Fed Tourns’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘Standard-I like them best’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Love Bridge’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘No, don't think I'll ever get any better-Thanks though---Jean’


6. mars 2024

Please essayez de creer tournois avec partenaires humains....

Favoritt spill modus: ‘Teams’

Meldesystemer som brukes: ‘SEF and precision’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Pour fun et practise’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Oui surtout les masterclass’