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Was Funbridge-Spielern gefällt:


The computer does not always follow your bidding rules which can be extremely frustrating


Bidding process is inconsistent...robot partner not reliable, sometimes passes to bid with 12 points with a five card suit and other times bids. It’s frustrating to end up receiving fewer points than expected and upon review the robot bid poorly.


Great idea, effectively done. Please consider an expert comment after each hand. Some brief 1 sentence on gleaning hints where the cards lay, tactics, etc.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Bridge is played offense and defense equally....and hands should reflect that. It would be helpful if there were purposal hands on a Bridge lesson....and a follow up comment by the "expert".’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘I'm more concerned what N conventions are. Are you inferring that N conventions match mine or are you saying N uses the most "popular" conventions? I think your participants are most likely to be using the classic conventions and suggest you stick to them’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Nice way to spend a few minutes of free time.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Doesn't hurt’


I enjoy it

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice Hands’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘No opinion’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Game is fairly realistic’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Somewhat’


I love this app. I play a few hands of bridge every day while sitting alone in my home. It keeps my mind working and it improves my game. It could be more educational if you were able to compare your play with those who played and did a better job.....perhaps seeing the tricks side by side rather than having to switch back and forth. I have introduced the app to many friends who enjoy it as much as I do.


Crashes too frequently.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Series’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘None in particular.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Improve card play.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Maybe. Card play, if anything.’


Very convenient, easy to use, available anywhere

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Competitions’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘5 card majors’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Improve my play’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Card technique’


I think it is a good app.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘No preferences’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I enjoy and opportunity to practice - I don't know many people who play anymore’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes it does - it is different to live playing, harder to remember cards played, and this way has made my playing stronger’


The lessons and exercises with the deals are excellent.


It is good, but it does not have the bidding system, that I am used to. I learned Audrey Grant in her bridge materials. I would like some feedback mechanism after a game is over which would explain some major mistakes which I made, and how to avoid them. That would be very useful

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Series tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Audrey Grant's convention whichever that is’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I don't have anyone to play with’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes, the repitition is very helpful’


LOVE IT! The opportunity to improve and that I need. Look at the number playing the hand; see the results of others; review you bidding, playing, and mistakes; check your ranking: replay the hand; and most of all play with friends afar. Thanks.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Stayman and transfer because I needed to understand how to respond to No Trump.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Because I just started in Duplicate Bridge with beginners lessons and I wish to improve’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes it helps me improve because it tells me bidding suggestions, the game I could have made and my hand count which I do not check until I think I know the count.’


I only use Funbridge app. to renew my membership. By the way it is becoming more and more expensive, no more Funbrudge.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘5 card Major - I have been playing it for years and I was surprised to see that my partner North plays week 2 which confuses me and makes me lose a lot.’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘The old system of Bridge and not what you call ( exceptions or irregular?) they are more than the Original ones.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It was really fun when I joined Funbridge years ago and simple to me or am I old fashioned??’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Sometimes of course it helps my playing but I wonder if the other 3 players with me are playing 5 card Major like me or different system? Please help me in this and do not tell me to pay money for other plays to improve my play. I take Bridge as a game and play it 3 times a week with friends at homes.’


Fantastic but addictive


Makes me a better bridge player

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practise’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Short club’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Played as a young woman, stopped playing for years, and took up again after retirement.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I’m gutsiest, my partner is a computer!’



Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Tournament’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Acol’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I want to improve my card play’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘It helps in playing contracts’


I find it very helpful and enjoyable. I believe my playing has improved and it has given me pleasure.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘I play 5 card major and it is helpful to check on the bidding’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘For pleasure’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes it has helped with bidding and I am working on defending’


I'm still exploring really . There is probably more to it than I realise.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice . I find replaying with the light bulb useful.’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘I normally play weak NT, , Stayman, transfers weak twos in the majors. Key card Blackwood.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘My Bridge partner recommended it. I don't think I am using it properly yet.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Too soon yet.’


Very poor support. Some ridiculously poor implementations of e.g. Lebensohl. Worst of all when you report a deal, which you can do, you never get an acknowledgement, so you never know your feedback was received. Seem serious about taking money and not at all serious about customer service

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘I only play EBU tourney’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘The ones that work as advertised’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I have to for EBU games’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘No because conventions are not reliable, nor is defensive signalling reliable or clear’


It is a great learning platform.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice mode’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘American Standard’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To improve my Bridge skills’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘It has improved my game’


It is getting better...has alot of TIME OUTS in middle of games, but getting better. I would be upset if playing tournaments, but I only practice.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Standard’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Fun and easy!’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Good practice playing hands.’