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Was Funbridge-Spielern gefällt:


21. September 2019

You are scored on the bid, and the way you played it......not just if you made the contract.


21. September 2019

I really like the app but they lost out on customer service. I can’t purchase the most expensive package for unlimited deals and was told I don’t have an account which os not true. Gave my user name and account info and they stopped communicating. In the end I purchased the 1,500 deals so obviously I had an account and it’s a glitch within the system they chose not to address.


20. September 2019

I’ve spent a lot of money buying deals on Funbridge. I enjoy the format and the play. It’s fun to play against the same competitors repeatedly and have the scores stored.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Challenge a player’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Stayman’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It keeps me fresh on playing when I’m away from my in person games.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes. I consider the challenges practice.’


19. September 2019

Mostly good. price for deals seems too high.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Stamen and slams’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To practice bridge and get some help with conventions and bidding’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes it helps me learn more conventions and playing’


18. September 2019

Very helpful and fun.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice and beginning tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Stayman, Jacoby, weak 2, Blackwood, Gerber’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Lack of games locally’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes. Able to compare play against others’


16. September 2019

Best bridge app I have found. A real variety of offensive and defensive hands. Bidding seems realistic. Lots to be learned.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Individual deals. I'm a beginner, not yet into tournaments.’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘IMP because that's the way my friends and I try to score our games.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To improve my play thru a variety of hands. Quick and easy to do.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes. I'm becoming more aware of options and stealthy play.’


16. September 2019

Easy to use and lots of fun playing against people from all over the world.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Challenge and exclusive Tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Standard simple systems’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Live in a remote area and can't get to a bridge club’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Possible’


16. September 2019

Too difficult to figure out.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Playing with a friend’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Not sure’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Yes it is not intuitive to figure out how to navigate online playing’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Simplify the app’


16. September 2019


Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Funbridge tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Opening 2D bud - as it’s a second vehicle to indicate a v v strong opening hand (besides the strong 2C opening’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Wanting a challenge’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes - playyng’


15. September 2019

Too many server errors will not order again


21. Juni 2019


Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘TOURNAMENT’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘ACOL’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘LIKE BRIDGE’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘YES, BIDDING’


19. Juni 2019



26. Mai 2019

I like FunBridge better than BBO because the bidding is more normal versus BBO. You don’t always win the contract. , and you don’t always have an opening hand. I d wish it was at different levels as people with fewer points don’t have a chance against the higher players.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Federation’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Haven’t figured out how to put my conventions in, it’s a little confusing.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I can play anytime … can’t always get to bridge center.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Haven’t been paying on FB that long yet.’


20. Mai 2019

I love the site but I had a real problem due to a change of bankcard. I paid via Apple but it didn’t register in the site and couldn’t play. The texting help was not very helpful. I eventually paid again via amazon but have now paid twice and can’t cancel this month on apple as I have accessed the site!!!


17. Juni 2019

A fun and challenging game with lots of different games/competitions that can be played at your convenience.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Federation Tournaments; Series Tournaments; Challenge Tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘None specifically identified.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It is a good way to spend time relaxing. Great enjoyment playing Challenge Tournaments with friends as they are only 5 board matches which can be played quickly without interruption of other things you are doing.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I do not believe so as you are still playing a computer rather than the psychology of playing the opposing pair/team.’


17. Juni 2019

Very good

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Series tournament’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Acol bridge’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Hobby’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Need more lessons’


13. Juni 2019

I like it, but the prices used to be better.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Whatever comes up. If a convention comes up that I am not familiar with, I can get an explanation.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I play on my iphone so I can play anywhere I have wifi, not just at my computer.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I mostly play for entertainment but certainly any amount of practice should improve ones game.’


13. Juni 2019

I enjoy playing with Funbridge

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Series tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Weak twos, stamen, keycard blackwood’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘See below’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Practice does improve, I hope!’


13. Juni 2019

Very good I have recommended it to my friends

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Tournaments of the Day & EBU Tournaments (English)’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Unusual 2NT, Splinters, Key card blackwood,Gerber, Michaels, Weak Twos, Jacoby’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I play on days that I cannot go to club’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Helps my play and concentration’


13. Juni 2019

Robot plays at a good level and is consistent. Nice appearance and user friendly.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘No opinion’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘No preferences.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘WBF and ACBL games’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Good practice at both imo and matchpoint scoring.’