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Was Funbridge-Spielern gefällt:


18. November 2019

Sometimes the card play is slow or gets hung up. Otherwise, I love the interface,

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘I like the ACBL connection’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Basic, because I am learning’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Best I could find’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘That I can look at what other people played.’


18. November 2019

For the most part its good. However, I find the bot's bidding and play of the hand poor sometimes. Most recently, in a match against a friend, playing against I believe 4 hearts I led a singleton club which the bot won with the ace and failed to return a club for a ruff. The bot got a second chance and again fialed to return a club. The contract made. My friend played the exact hand and with the same lead down 1. This cost me the match.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘IMPS’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘2 over 1, puppet and checkback stayman’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘A European friend years ago suggested we play on the app. I had ben using BBO and still do.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Certainly. The play of the hand and defense’


17. November 2019

Fun game


15. November 2019

The app is ok.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘The practical exercices’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘I like all of them. They correspond to my teacher’ s lessons.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Funbridge is the best amongst the companies I have tried.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Very helpful to improve my play in my Bridge Club.’


14. November 2019

It is an excellent app

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Not sure what I play but I am not sure how others play either’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I like the set up’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘It does to a certain extent - I count cards intuitively now - but every single finesse never works - so I sometime feel computer is stacked against me’


14. November 2019

I ordered the silver tournaments, but there is not an easy way to find where they are! Can you let me know./

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘I usually play the daily tournaments.’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Stayman and transfers’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It's very relaxing and challenging for me’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘It challenges me to play with different opponents/’


13. November 2019

I like it, but I can’t find all the conventions I play.


12. November 2019

Locks up when WiFi signal fluctuates. No support for 4/5 card major enquiry.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Not tried enough to have an opinion’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘This is a pointless question’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Availability of EBU tournaments’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Improvement is down to the player observing and gaining experience rather than the playing environment. Funbridge approach allows you more time but has limitations in bidding systems and play.’


11. November 2019

It is OK and easy to use.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘I like series tournaments, tournaments of the day and ACBL - Materpoints’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘I play simple SAYC and do not play 2/1 over one.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It allows me to enjoy the game of bridge anytime and any where.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes and no. What I don't like is the impression I get is that you stack the deal against me. After the contract is set I would like for you to swear that you do not arrange your hands to defeat my contract. I have yet to successfully play a finesse and always your robot never has an even distribution of my trumps; always 4, 3.’


10. November 2019

Very good instruction and fun

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Practice’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Staymen."2" bid’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Great way to improve your Bridge skills while having fun’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes - helps reading nforce cnventions’


10. November 2019

It’s almost as much fun as playing at a club. And a lot easier; don’t have to dress up or drive anywhere. And you play more hands.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Challenges, team games and ACBL.’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘2c check back and 2n showing both majors.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Had stopped playing at clubs so this fills that gap.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes, Because it allows me to rebid and replay hands and review how others played them.’


9. November 2019



8. November 2019

Don’t use it

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Easy tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Blackwood’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘No local clubs’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not sure not been a member long enough to form an opinion’


7. November 2019


Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Tournament’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Transfer’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Practice’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes mostly playing the hands’


7. November 2019


Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Federation’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘I would like to change my conventions to my own play’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I like playing bridge’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes When I can get my partner to cooperate with me.’


21. Juni 2019


Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘TOURNAMENT’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘ACOL’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘LIKE BRIDGE’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘YES, BIDDING’


19. Juni 2019



26. Mai 2019

I like FunBridge better than BBO because the bidding is more normal versus BBO. You don’t always win the contract. , and you don’t always have an opening hand. I d wish it was at different levels as people with fewer points don’t have a chance against the higher players.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Federation’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘Haven’t figured out how to put my conventions in, it’s a little confusing.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I can play anytime … can’t always get to bridge center.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Haven’t been paying on FB that long yet.’


20. Mai 2019

I love the site but I had a real problem due to a change of bankcard. I paid via Apple but it didn’t register in the site and couldn’t play. The texting help was not very helpful. I eventually paid again via amazon but have now paid twice and can’t cancel this month on apple as I have accessed the site!!!


17. Juni 2019

A fun and challenging game with lots of different games/competitions that can be played at your convenience.

Bevorzugter Spielmodus: ‘Federation Tournaments; Series Tournaments; Challenge Tournaments’

Verwendetes Bietsystem: ‘None specifically identified.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It is a good way to spend time relaxing. Great enjoyment playing Challenge Tournaments with friends as they are only 5 board matches which can be played quickly without interruption of other things you are doing.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I do not believe so as you are still playing a computer rather than the psychology of playing the opposing pair/team.’