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26 januari 2023

Love it

Favorit-spelform: ‘Happy hours’

Budsystem som används: ‘Drury, a useful convention’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Covid’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It certainly does help improve. Argine will correct my bidding’


25 januari 2023

Having a very difficult time getting affine to bid my system of 2 over 1… have tried repeatedly to edit profile but no button to press when finished editing and doesn’t take. End up in many bad contracts. And argue plays many contracts I don’t play . It’s difficult

Favorit-spelform: ‘2/1 , 1NT forcing, Bergen, puppet stayman, gerber,’

Budsystem som används: ‘2 over 2 game force. 1 nt forcing for one round’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Have met some wonderful partners from all over the world, like bridge articles’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It has actually caused me to diminish my skills. Can’t trust my bidding bc affine often passes when I thought I was forcing. I am a bronze life master. The bridge profile could definitely be fine tuned. Way it is now, if u check one block… it may contain conventions u don’t play’


25 januari 2023


Favorit-spelform: ‘Practice’

Budsystem som används: ‘ACOL’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To re-learn after 50 years’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Hopefully!’


24 januari 2023

Great I use it almost every day

Favorit-spelform: ‘Duplicate’

Budsystem som används: ‘Blackwood, Stayman’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I can play every day with different people’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Not really as sometimes I find my 'partner' responses are strange and would like to ask why in order to understand’


23 januari 2023

It is somewhat easier to locate the different games.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Federation games.’

Budsystem som används: ‘2/1 it is easier to see if you have a game or not.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To keep my mind sharp and keep me busy.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Somewhat but Bot sometimes lie. That is not usually happening when you play with others. I guess Bot is programmed to confuse you.’


23 januari 2023

Not too bad

Favorit-spelform: ‘Bridge’

Budsystem som används: ‘None’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘No other choice.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘No! The robots never play my game.’


22 januari 2023

Works for me

Favorit-spelform: ‘Practice’

Budsystem som används: ‘No favorite’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Remote residence’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Keeps the game fresh in my old mind’


19 januari 2023

It used to be good until they took away some of the features I paid for including what hands I could have achieved (come on that’s just ridiculous) and what I should or could have bid. Not value for money if I have to pay a monthly fee to pay and diamonds as well for outside tournaments.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournament play daily tournaments and individual tournament’

Budsystem som används: ‘I like to try different ones’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘It is a good format and easy to use’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘It used to until they stopped telling me how they would have bid after I completed my hand. Nope that won’t encourage me to upgrade. In fact the opposite. I don’t like paying for something to then have it taken away. It’s why I’m giving a three star whereas before I would have given a 5 star. So not only do I have ti pay monthly but also for diamonds, now I have ti pay just to be told how I could have bid AND also what hands I could have made. That is just ridiculous. I will give it a month or two then just go back to my free online bridge program. I’d rather pay nothing ti get nothing than pay a lot to get very little.’


19 januari 2023

Computer play is poor. Company response is worse.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Challenge and tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘My personal set up’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I can play against family members and earn ACBL points’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Not really’


15 januari 2023

Good fun - sometimes I don't quite understand the bidding and find myself in the wrong contract! 4NT for me is asking for Aces - Roman Key Card so includes king of trumps - last suit bid) - unless quantitive in NT or in NTrumps.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘Weak NT and weak twos - Roman Key card asking for Aces (4NT) - overcalls and weak jump overcalls. Weak threes.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Good on a dull winter day!’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Not really’


15 januari 2023

I have been with this company for several years and am largely happy with it. One thing I am not happy with is it often tells me I may have made the wrong bid. I understand that some customers would be happy to be told this but I am not one of them.

Favorit-spelform: ‘The straightforward tournaments.’

Budsystem som används: ‘They are all fine’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘So I can dip in when ever I want’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘A bit but mainly I play for fun’


13 januari 2023

Enjoy. I have not yet explored any of the competitions.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Only tried trainingbenji’

Budsystem som används: ‘Benji’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘It’s better than watching tv’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes concentration’


12 januari 2023

Welll organized, nimble, easy to use. Got me through the 1st 2 yrs of the Pandemic. Love the recent addition of commented deals as well as feedback on my bidding and play. Premium is totally worth it. Also appreciated that when I reached out to the support team about slowed operation and glitches, they were swiftly and helpfully responsive.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Challenges and ACBL tournaments with MPs’

Budsystem som används: ‘RKCB1430, drury,’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Ease of use,’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Better declarer and defense play. Lots of practice, now with feedback.’


10 januari 2023


Favorit-spelform: ‘National bridge association NABC games’

Budsystem som används: ‘Transfers, 2 ciubs after a no trump bid by your partner, Asking for honors’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Local games not availabe’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘A good partner’


10 januari 2023

Great when working


6 januari 2023

The site is excellent, with varied content for bridge players of all levels

Favorit-spelform: ‘Teams’

Budsystem som används: ‘Not any of the weird ones the robot play anyway’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Addiction’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘No - it does make it worse though’


5 januari 2023

Just the best practice


3 januari 2023

Great for practice.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Series tournament’

Budsystem som används: ‘SAYC’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To get practice’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. I learn new strategies, and can practice hands that went wrong.’


3 januari 2023

Good on iOS, but Android app still has an annoying bug where the card play corrupts towards the end of the hand, and on Windows/Mac it is a web app which is not as good as a native app would be. The AI Is mostly good but occasionally arbitrary. Funbridge also makes a lot of its games extra cost even for paying subscribers which is another annoyance.


29 december 2022


Favorit-spelform: ‘Practice’

Budsystem som används: ‘Not sure’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Lockdown’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Too soon to tell’