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Very simple to use




I enjoy Funbridge but sometimes get very frustrated when my Funbridge partner bids far more than is necessary.

Favorit-spelform: ‘I only use Practise’

Budsystem som används: ‘None really’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To fill in a few minutes every now and then’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Probably keeps my mind active’


On the whole, best of its kind. Peculiar bidding practices, but stroll provides hours of enjoyment


Best out there!

Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘Not sure’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘For more experience.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes. Helps with both bidding and playing the cards.’


The app is okay but the support is non existent. Have sent a number of emails asking questions and none have been answer. I am regretting paying for a years sub and may well not renew if you do not improve. At least BBO responds to customers questions and advises them on featues.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Still learning but losing patience with not having my questions answered’

Budsystem som används: ‘Acol. A more natural system’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To play on my mobile when traveling, but I am having second thoughts and will probably go back to BBO’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Makes no difference’


It is the most realistic bridge app that I have found so far.

Favorit-spelform: ‘I have been playing in Tournament mode & Practice’

Budsystem som används: ‘Appreciate the bid explanations - wish there was a"Hint" mode to suggest bid & play & the rationale behind the suggestion.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Need the practice & Funbridge provides both bid & play experience.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘That will be answered in the future!’


Enjoy it very much


I’m extremely disappointed inI the I bidding ,I play standard American bridge It seems that the robots as partners are never bidding the way I,ve learned.We seem to never be in the right bid many times the contract is too high!How can this be corrected! I would appreciate your input as it’s extremely frustrating!!

Favorit-spelform: ‘Daily tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘As I stated I play American Standard Jacoby 2 no trump, New minor forcing,transfers in both majors and minors,regular Blackwood I am never sure what my partner is doing, As I stated ,we never seem to be in the right contract and it,s usually too high!’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘L,m trying to improve my bridge both bidding and playing I feel it,s hurting my game’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘As I stated if anything ,it,s distroying my confidence’


Love it



Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournament’

Budsystem som används: ‘5 card major’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Too complicate to go to classes’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Will be retired soon need to find retired activities so bridge good’


The bridge is just fine !

Favorit-spelform: ‘The practice’

Budsystem som används: ‘Stayman convection’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Improve my bridge’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Helps in duplicate bridge’



Favorit-spelform: ‘Fine’

Budsystem som används: ‘Jacob 2 no trump’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Easy’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Sometimes.i fi d the conventions I consistent.’


I would like a partner that follows the rules you display in the margin.

Favorit-spelform: ‘Practice’

Budsystem som används: ‘No favourites’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I started playing Chicago bridge with one group. I play contract bridge with three other groups. I have played contract bridge since 1968. The Chicago group is a tad elitist. I am trying to distinguish the different bids.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Maybe one day it will. I still prefer contract. More fun. Less snobby.’


👍. It’s good. Yes

Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournament’

Budsystem som används: ‘Not sureYeah’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘My teacher encourages us. Her name is Pam Barry’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes I think it does’


Great ever since you made it Apple friendly

Favorit-spelform: ‘The 100 games of duplicate bridge with ranking’

Budsystem som används: ‘I play Standard American’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I love the game of bridge but dislike real bridge players that one meets at clubs - impatient, mean, rude. Much happier playing whenever I want on the computer.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I learn through my mistakes and the hints help.’


Enjoy, but feel it is very costly

Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘That’s the problem, not sure which conventions are used’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘New with I pad and came across Fun Bridge’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not really’


I like playing as often as possible

Favorit-spelform: ‘Classifying tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘No sound. No double-clicking when playing a card’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It is a pleasant job and good for the memory’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Certainely’


O.k but frustrated by overbidding by computer which inevitably results in defeat!

Favorit-spelform: ‘Tournaments’

Budsystem som används: ‘Transfers’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Not able to attend Bridge Club regularly’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘No as the explanations are static and do not reflect the different meanings in different contexts e.g. responder, rebidding......Also computer partner is inflexible ,not sensitive to partners bidding.’


I enjoy it very much

Favorit-spelform: ‘I like practice and playing games’

Budsystem som används: ‘Acol’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It’s nice to practice practice makes perfect they say!’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I wish!’