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Kundernes feedback

Hvad Funbridge-spillere kan lide:


22. juni 2022

As a beginner I find the map and imp scoring intimidating since I’m most interested in making my bid

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Online with Argine’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Basic, 5 card major, Stayman, Jacobs, Blackwood, Gerber’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Recommended to me by a friend’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Overall yes, but find it frustrating to make progress I’m my game’


22. juni 2022

Easy to use. Lots of choices.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘ACBL and practice’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Poor question.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Can play any time. Was wonderful during Covid shut downs.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘If I ranked poorly I can look at the higher rankings and see the results, both how the bidding went and the play. I can set goals over numerous plays and the system keeps track of my MP percentages over a large number of games.’


20. juni 2022

So easy


20. juni 2022

4 étoiles

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Equipes’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Blackwood’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Pour m entrainer’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Je vois parfois certaines erreurs’


19. juni 2022

Good, still some bugs and too much commercial strategy.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Fun points tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Free style for bidding.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Good mind exercise....’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I play only on Funbridge’


18. juni 2022

To hard to set the game play settings

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practice’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘No comment’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To get better’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘No not at all’


11. juni 2022

I enjoy the challenges

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘What I dislike that the same hands are played. You would think with computer generated hands there would be millions of hand that there is no need for repetitions.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘I like Blackwood and stayman’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I connect with another’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Not really because there are so many conventions that my friends do not use. So I have to research every move’


9. juni 2022

Very Interesting and usefull

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Federations tournaments team tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Precision 2 over 1’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Fun and education’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes very much’


7. juni 2022

Very good

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Challenges’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Bergen’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘For practise and enjoyment’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Unknown’


7. juni 2022

OK as is

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Playing alone & winning ACBL points’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Stayman, transfers, short club, RCBK, Blackwood’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Helps me learn new conventions as well as critique of my playing’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘YES of course’


7. juni 2022

Sometimes requires too much connectivity

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘ACBL individual tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Smolen’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Get away from crazy bidding and distribution on BBO’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Not sure; think it helps declarer play’


4. juni 2022

Slow at times of the day. All my complaints I have sent in when the robots seem to misbid, when I play as an invidual and not in a team, not once have I had a acknowledgement, response or correction


2. juni 2022


Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Competitive’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘They are all OK’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Keeps my skills alive twice week’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes, card play’


31. maj 2022

Quite addictive

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Master points’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Acol’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Unable to play at a club due to caring responsibilities’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Potentially’


29. maj 2022

Great way to try and learns how play bridge. Gives me a lot of fun


29. maj 2022

Somethings happened in the last few days which confuses me. I can’t find my challenges. What have you done!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Bridge’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Staymen’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Once or twice a day.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes it makes me more competitive’


26. maj 2022

I like being able to practise and replay hands.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practise’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘I don't play the conventions that I see while practising’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I'm a beginner and want to practise where I can replay hands’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I think so.’


24. maj 2022

I generally enjoy Funbridge but it is not my first choice any longer. More often then previously, i find fault with their program - often complaining with the way my computer partner bids.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Playing daily tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘No favorite that is Funbridge specific’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘My decision to play was some time ago and is no longer relevant. Originally looking for a way to practice, play and improve my skills.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Not really’


23. maj 2022

Very flexible. Good graphics. Easy, quick.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practice deals’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘ACOL - it's what I use most.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Easy, quick, good graphics.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. Comparison with the results of others on the same hands is educational.’


21. maj 2022

I like there options.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practice’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘..none’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘No darn commercial’s’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes . I shows me how wrong I can be .’