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Hvad Funbridge-spillere kan lide:


30. september 2023

Love it!!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘The instant Tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Not too many but like the ones I do play 2/1 and basic ones’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I like it cuz you can see what happens after each hand-I try to learn from my mistakes’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Generally it helps just by playing every day. If you don't play you probably get stale’


29. september 2023

I am learning to play bridge


25. september 2023

Great way to improve my bridge game!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Beginners Tounaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Lessons’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Still too embarressed to play with people’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Absolutely. My bidding and playing have gotten better.’


23. september 2023


Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Tournaments and practice’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘NA, NA’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Got tired of BBO’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Of course, I analyze most hand's results’


22. september 2023

I do not have or have ever seen the Funbridge app.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘The daily tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Staymam, blackwood, Michel"s’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Fun and relaxation’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. My general approach,’


21. september 2023

I enjoy it. A minor criticism. I recently purchased Diamonds and for the first time found that I had to pay in Dollars rather than having the option to use Euro - a retrograde step.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Team Competition, Challenge a Played’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘I like the flexibility of being able to choose from a range of conventions rather than just a generic system’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘I prefer it to BBO.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes, the comments on my bidding and play are useful reminders of my stupidity which is helpful’


21. september 2023

Chosen software for my bridge clubs weekly online tournament

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘I use it for tournament s only’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Roman blackwood’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Chosen software for my bridge clubs weekly online tournament’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I tend to play to quickly online’


16. september 2023

Love it!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Challenges’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Stayman,’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Love the commented deals’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes, esp with declarer play’


13. september 2023

Like it!!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘The Federation Tourns-’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Can't say cause I like most conventions but probably don't play many-’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘It's enjoyable and I like getting points etc.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I think playing has to help your game as opposed to not playing when you get stale’


13. september 2023

We like it when it works. Half the time it doesn't. Over the last year we've experienced a series of technical issues. We've tested the competitors but prefer FunBridge. We're patiently waiting for improvements, but are losing hope.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Create a table to take on the Argine team.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Basic Standard.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Our early experience was very good.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes, indeed.’


11. september 2023

It’s good, but sometimes I don’t agree with the bidding.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Easy tournaments and series tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Too many to answe’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Good practice’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. I plan play’


6. september 2023

I find the bidding quite confusing. I was taught to only open at 13 or more points and to play your longest and strongest first. Doesn’t seem to work that way with Argine.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Not sure what you mean’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘I just like to play my longest and strongest with no conventions to confuse’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘To learn more’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘I think, and hope I am improving slowly.’


5. september 2023

Ordered 100 diamonds on friday evening on pay pal in order to play a federation tournament .but they were only received the following morning at 10.30a.m


3. september 2023

Great it helps my bridge skills

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practise and playing g at my lev’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘The average one’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘During lock down I wanted to improve’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes it makes me think’


2. september 2023

Does tend to crash or flick back a page more often than it should. Otherwise clear. Seems to use a non standard version of ACOL, particularly when bidding one no trumps.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘ACOL - but see above.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Stayman. I find the use of weak 2’s confusing and the excessive number of times that I am advised that all my potential bids are invalid.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Convenient and some idea of progression or lack of it.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Being told that a bid was not perhaps the best is all very well but gives no guidance as to what I should have done instead.’


31. august 2023

Many technical problems

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practice with my Friend and independent practice deals’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Stayman. Jacoby Transfer.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘Practice. Watch the replays and Hints.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Yes. Tapping on the bidding to check my own bids.’


30. august 2023

Average, too many hiccups


27. august 2023

It worked fine


26. august 2023

Best bridge online


26. august 2023

Tough competition. Great practice.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Teams. Strong year long Individual MP contest. Strong 'pro' 8 to 10 Boards events.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Many of them.’

overview.testimonial.whyfunbridge ‘No more traveling to competitions.’

overview.testimonial.helpImprove ‘Most definitely. I forced myself to Buckle down and COUNT, Count, count.’