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Kundernes feedback

Hvad Funbridge-spillere kan lide:


24. november 2020

Mostly very good but occasional blips can take some time to rectify.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Funbridge points and challenge Zia tournaments.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Would like to play my own mix.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Easy access’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes, but robot's valuation and defence frustratingly poor.’


23. november 2020

Good but wish there were more English members

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Acol’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Because it is good to still play bridge at home’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not really’


23. november 2020


Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Challenging Friends’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Week twos, weak threes’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Practise’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I think it does though sometimes the computer plays in a way which perplexes me and I end up in the wrong contract.’


19. november 2020

Really enjoy this app

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practice’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Have set up my own conventions - like that’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Covid!’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes - I study Audrey Grant books then try and use her techniques - Funbridge helps.’


19. november 2020

I seem to get the same hands many times


17. november 2020

It's very good. Sometimes I'm surprised by the description of the birds but that's probably due to the way I have defined myself.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Series competition’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘5 card major.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Prefer playing at my pace against real people.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Playing against people means that I can see objectively if I'm improving.’


8. november 2020

Some of the bidding is just plain stupid

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘I like imps’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘2 /1’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Pendemic’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not particularly’


7. november 2020

I like it!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Tournament of the day’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘No favorite!’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘I enjoy the challenge’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘I don’t know!’


5. oktober 2020

My guilty pleasure, but I find your app to be inconsistent and expensive. Much of the time I can’t figure my practice partner’s bids. I’m probably going to seek out another less expensive bridge app before I buy more deals again. Just not worth the money anymore. Especially since I’m playing more now due to being home bound because of Covid19. Geez I’d think you’d be offering up much better pricing.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Practice’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Basic’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Bored’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not really’


3. november 2020

Frequently freezes. Not acceptable in something that’s free, let alone an app you pay to use!


2. november 2020

Quite good. It gives errors from time to time, but they are fixed within a reasonable period.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Daily tournaments’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘Question is unclear...’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘For the fun of it’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not likely.’


1. november 2020

Fun and easy to play.


31. oktober 2020

Nice app especially Android version


31. oktober 2020

Like funbridge don’t altogether like the update cards in hand are too small

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Challenge’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘My own based on benji acol’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To challenge other friends’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes, getting in sync with partners’


30. oktober 2020


Favorit spilindstilling: ‘PRACTICE’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘2 OVER 1. MORE PRECISE’




30. oktober 2020

The App plays and defends well, bids poorly. And, as a bot, it should play the same if the bidding and leads are the same. But it doesn’t. Bought diamonds to play the BIC. Thought I’d get a chance to play multiple games but each game uses 50 diamonds. So I won’t do it again.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Challenges.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘I play NBB, because it’s closest to what I want to play. But the game makes too many bidding mistakes. Tried the free profile but the game makes even more mistakes.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Prefer playing with bots instead of people.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘It’s sharpened my defense.’


30. oktober 2020

User friendly and especially useful nowadays. Contextual bubbles for bidding often do not correspond , that should be imrpoved.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Both serie tournameent, tornament of the days and challenges against Argine’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘I miss 1- the 2D multi does not include strong balanced hand 2- responses on 2C opening GF with italian controls 3- no puppet on 2NT opening 4- Bergen responses on 1Major opening 1str and 2nd seat Rest OK’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘To practice from home’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘It helps to enjoy but not necessarily tpo progress: 1- You tend to play faster and think less, which is not good. Maybe a setting by which you can only start cardplay after 30 seconds at least, so that declarre takes the habit of thinking upfront? 2-Area of improvement: to have a summary statistic on the bad and good scores causes: was it due to overbidding; underbidding, poor cardplay; Argine defense This may guide player to correct his buidding style’


29. oktober 2020

I like the app, it's kind of clear where to find things once you have familiarized. It is unclear though why two different "currencies" for regular tournaments and federation tournaments or events.

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Tournaments.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘In general I like the not so basic conventions that give flexibility, e.g. doubles and cue bids of opponents suit. I like much less for instance that X of opponents' 1NT opening cannot be configured to a long suit (DONT style) and that mini-splinters are not available after our 1M opening.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘Robot with choice of conventions. Funbridge is connected with my federation. Some interesting tournaments.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Not exactly. To do so, the robot should be better in playing defense.’


28. oktober 2020

Funbridge is everything you want in a complex card game app for beginners and even more experienced players. The learning section is excellent in teaching concepts and then demonstrating them. You will soon be playing tournament bridge with this app!

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘Card play review; Challenging other players.’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘None really.’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘It is easy, I can play when I have time but it feels as though it is real time.’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘Yes. I enjoying reviewing the card play of others who have scored better.’


26. september 2020

Well I was happy and bought more hands then found I had to buy diamonds to play again. This was not made clear and I would like a refund on what i have paid

Favorit spilindstilling: ‘See above’

Anvendte meldesystem: ‘See above’

I chose Funbridge because: ‘See above’

I make progress with Funbridge: ‘See above’