Your 2022 Year in Figures

Funbridge infographics 2022

Like every year, the yearly Funbridge infographic is out! Find out more about how many people play on Funbridge, their favourite game modes, the most active countries and much more.

And take the opportunity to relive the highlights of 2022 on Funbridge.

Enjoy reading it!

Highlights of 2022!

Vignette Premium+

New Premium+ subscription

Since June 2022, more than 6,000 bridge players have already joined Premium+, our program to help you boost your bridge level! Exclusive features and content, promotions, services…

New blog

Last year the Funbridge blog was revamped. It now has a more refined design and you can easily find your favourite authors as well as the articles for subscribers only. You can also discuss with other bridge players by leaving comments below the articles.

New game modes

Pairs tournaments are now available on Funbridge. You can invite a human partner or our artificial intelligence Argine to play with you against other pairs. If you want to learn bridge, we also offer commented deals devised by bridge experts.

Challenges – Funbridge players’ favourite game mode – have also been improved based on your suggestions. You can now analyse your games and chat with your opponent straightaway. And all with a new interface.

Major events

You have been given the opportunity to take part in big events like the various editions of the Bridge International Championship (BIC), the Ambassadors’ Summit, the Big Series Tournament and our Breast Cancer Awareness tournaments starring world female champions… among so many other events!

Tournaments for beginners

We are now running federation tournaments for beginners only. Those who are new to the game have their own tournaments to progress together and increase their chances of winning national masterpoints. This is ideal for players who need to gain confidence. The AEB, NBF and RBBF have already made the leap. And probably other partner federations soon!

Our experts

Of course, our bridge champions continue to share their advice and tips in tournaments or articles: Jérôme Rombaut, Milan Macura, Nikolas Bausback, Dominique Fonteneau, Philippe Cronier, Ben Norton…

New tool

The method used to calculate players’ average performance has evolved. It now takes three values into account: IMP, MP and overall scores. The new calculation formula applies to game modes such as easy tournaments, “Face the Elites” and special tournaments. It now better reflects players’ level.

And you, what did you think of the year 2022 on Funbridge?

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  1. Federation tournaments really need a revamp – too few players, too few masterpoints and too expensive on top of annual subscription. Surely one option would be to combine federation competitions together – multi federation competitions- where winners get masterpoints awarded from the own federation (using same algorithm as today) and with revenues shared pro rata between federations depending on ratio of players from each country.

    The number of total deals for the year is down on previous year so this probably indicates a drop in active membership of the site. I love Funbridge but these figures concern me.

  2. I agree that federation tournaments have too few players and suggestion above to combine with other federations would ecourage me to play

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