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Day 3: Close to the goal!

The Vilnius Cup is back for its 2023 edition! To our greatest pleasure, Team Funbridge is participating in this major event. Don't hesitate to come back regularly to this article; we will update it with the first results, highlights of the competition, as well as the initial impressions of our young talents!
Step by Step

Arm Wrestling

Teams. Dealer South, E/W Vul. As West you are looking at the following hand. After two Passes, North opens 1♦ and your opponents bid as follows: What do you lead? By jumping…

Festival La Grande Motte

La Grande-Motte: a reminder of summer

The 47th International Festival of La Grande-Motte was orchestrated masterfully by Christiane Barnabé, supported by a swarm of volunteers and a team of exceptional directors (Jean-François Chevalier, Yves Azoulay, Éric Bourgeaux and…