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Christian Lahrmann aka Chris Team Funbridge

Christian Lahrmann | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: Christian Lahrmann Nickname: Chris Nationality: Danish Style of play: Solid but creative. Date of birth: 2 April 2003 Playing record World Champion U16 pairs 🥇 World Champion U21 🥇 Interview with…

Finn Kolsesnik aka The Machine Team Funbridge

Finn Kolesnik | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: Finn Kolesnik Nickname: The Machine Nationality: American Playing style: Aggressive and fast. Date of birth: May 27th 2004 Playing record 3rd Blue Ribbon Pairs 2019 🥉 1st U21 Pairs 2022 🥇…


Andreas Abragi | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: Abraaaaagi Nickname: Most just say “Abragi”. Nationality: Swedish Style of play: Agressive Date of birth: 6 May 2004 Playing record U21 World Champion 🥇 U26 Nordic Champion 🥇 U26 Swedish Champion…

Quiz Time

June Bridge Quiz!

Sitting in South and considering the presented auction, what would your lead be ? 🤔 Click on “Participate” to submit your answer before 19 June. The winners will receive Diamonds♦️ on Thursday 22…