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Masterclass april

Masterclass: Suit Blockages

Here is a new Masterclass that is available until 24 May! In February there were almost 6421 participants. How about setting a new participation record? 😉 And this Masterclass is about… ‘Suit…

Step by Step

Three scenarios

Dealer South, E/W vul. Herer’s your hand as West: South opens 1NT and North-South quickly reach 3 No-Trumps: What do you learn from the auction?North’s Stayman reveals that he has four Hearts…


Crans-Montana Festival

On 29-31 March I had the chance to be invited to the Crans-Montana festival in Switzerland with Sarah Combescure, Wilhelmine Schlumberger and Esteban Vallet. It was my first participation in a bridge tournament…

Olivia Schireson

Olivia Schireson | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: oliviaschireson Nickname: Some call me Ollie. Nationality: American Style of play: Normal I guess. Sometimes I bid too much, sometimes too little. I guess that makes it normal. 🙂  Date of…

Andrea Nilsson

Andrea Nilsson | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: Andrealovisa Nickname: Andrew Nationality: Swedish Style of play: solid Date of birth: 24 February 2005 Playing record 4th at 2018 World Junior Championships (U16) 2nd at 2023 Strasbourg European Mixed Championships…