Detailed analyses get a makeover


Bridge, an endless game

No matter at what age you discover the pleasures of bridge, the learning experience that arises as a result is a lifetime journey. That is the unique beauty of the most popular card game. Behind apparently straightforward rules hides enthralling depth. The greatest champions, even once they made it to the top, remain life-long learners.

In order to support your progress, Premium+ members can benefit from various game modes, thematic tournaments, personalised statistics as well as detailed analyses available at the end of each game. Today we are delighted to announce the release of a brand-new version of these analyses!


You forgot to cash a master trick, to give your partner a ruff or to try a finesse? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Argine will explain its plan for the play, giving you the opportunity to make rapid progress on Funbridge!

Special offer!

You are interested in getting this feature but you are not a Premium+ subscriber?

We have good news for you! The new version of detailed analyses is available to all our players for a week.

Tick tock, tick tock…Hurry over, enjoy it now!

Get the robot to talk

With my dual role as developer and bridge player, I was given the task some time ago of getting our robot to talk.

Bridge is a complicated game with an infinite number of different situations. It is therefore difficult to establish patterns for each mistake. Thanks to artificial intelligence and your help (yes, your mistakes helped us!), it is now possible to ask the robot to explain over a hundred lines of play.

Wherever you are around the globe, our tool adapts to your needs by providing explanations in 15 different languages. Your feedback and our experience will enable us to regularly add new lines of play. We also work to integrate explanations related to the opening lead soon.

Crikey, I played too fast…

For example, in a doubled 3 contract, I didn’t choose the best line of play. Indeed, at Trick Two, I decided to draw the trumps by playing the 2 of Hearts instead of trying a line of play involving a ruff in the short hand by playing the 2 of Spades.

The new version of analyses explains why Argine chose the 2 of Spades in a clear and concise way.

Your opinion matters to us

“What do you think of the enhanced analyses of your games on Funbridge? Do you have any suggestions to improve them? Tell us everything in the comments! Our team has worked hard to offer you a comprehensive learning experience. We really hope that it will meet your expectations and help you fulfill your passion!“

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Vincent Gallais
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      We are sorry that this new feature does not meet your needs. We hope that the upcoming features will better suit your expectations.

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      Thank you for your feedback, we are pleased to see your interest in these new analyses!

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