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Bridge problem

Bridge Problem: A Bad Bid

Your hand sitting South Bidding Dealer East. Game all. Card play Lead: ♦6. North’s conclusion is probably hasty. With more sophisticated bidding, 4♠, which constitutes a preferable contract, would have been reached.…

Huge Difference

Huge difference

Slams create the biggest swings and sometimes decide the outcome of a match all by themselves. Everything is decided by the bidding and then … the opening lead. When they are not…

Tignes Winter Games

Lions in Winter 

Bridge players from around the world converged on the alpine ski resort of Tignes to compete in the 4th European Winter Games. Even at the end of April conditions are near perfect…

Argine Encounters

Encounter with Argine

Who said that only great champions can write bridge articles? Funbridge is launching a brand-new format of articles. You, talented players, will be our bridge authors and give your opinion about deals…