Environment Tournament: One Participation = One Tree Planted!

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How about playing bridge to support the restoration of ecosytems and protection of the environment? 🌳

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day, we are launching a unique event on Funbridge: The Environment Tournament.

Participate in this charity tournament on 17-23 June and support a restoration project for the Yucatán Peninsula led by the network Plant-for-the-Planet. Together, let’s make a difference! 🤝

Join us now! The Environment Tournament starts in :

How does the Environment Tournament work?

Tournament Details

The Environment Tournament is held in the form of a Funbridge Points tournament on 17-23 June 2024.

This charity tournament consists of 10 deals scored by MPs.

The entry fee is 16 Diamonds (€1).

Points Funbridge

16 Diamonds = 1 Tree Planted

During the Environment Tournament, each participation represents one tree planted by Plant-for-the-Planet. 🌳

At the end of this 7-day tournament, we will tally the total number of Diamonds used to participate and convert it into euros. For more details on the conversion, follow this link.

The total amount collected will be donated to the Yucatán Restoration Project led by Plant-for-the-Planet. 💰

What is the Yucatán Peninsula restoration project about?

© 2023, José Francisco Diaz Palomeque/Plant-for-the-Planet. All rights reserved.

Did you know that Mexico is among the countries most affected by deforestation?

One of the regions in Mexico most affected is the Yucatán Peninsula (Campeche, Quintana Roo, Yucatán). According to Plant-for-the-Planet and Global Forest Watch estimates, this region accounted for “42.3% of all forests lost across Mexico” from 2001 to 2020.

Since 2015, Plant-for-the-Planet has been working to restore degraded areas in the Yucatán Peninsula. Since this date, 12,547,980 trees have been planted as part of this initiative.

The project also adopts a holistic approach aimed at protecting ecosystems and ensuring biodiversity. If you want to know more about the project, click here.

© 2023, José Francisco Diaz Palomeque/Plant-for-the-Planet. All rights reserved.

Funbridge and Plant-for-the-Planet are counting on you for the 2024 planting season! Contribute to increase the number of trees planted by playing the Environment Tournament on Funbridge. 😉

What is Plant-for-the-Planet?

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement dedicated to ecosystem restoration and environmental preservation. It conducts research, implements restoration and conservation of forest ecosystem projects, provides restoration tools and advice to organizations around the world, and engages in youth education.

If you want to know more about Plant-for-the-Planet, click here.

“I encourage you to participate in the Environment Tournament to support the Plant-for-the-Planet association and help restore Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula.

By taking part, you can perfect your bridge skills while fighting against deforestation. The Funbridge team looks forward to seeing you there! Every participation brings us closer to a greener planet.” 😌🌳


Justine M

Justine Mouille

Event Manager

Please note that by participating in this tournament, you will not receive a tax receipt necessary for tax deductions.

If you wish to contribute to planting more trees and support this association, you can make individual donations on the Plant-for-the-Planet website:

We are counting on you!

Express yourself in the Comments section below! And exchange with other bridge players.

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