Day 1 and 2 of Team Funbridge at the 8th World Youth Transnational Championships! (updated 18/07/24)

New challenge for Team Funbridge after their first tournaments of the year in Alpe d’Huez and the Marit Sveaas tournament in Bodø, Norway. Follow their new adventures in Poland on this page which will be regularly updated!

Team Funbridge at the 8th World Youth Transnational Championships!

Day 1 – Summary by Andrea Nilsson (Team Funbridge Pink)

Day 1 – Summary by Finn Kolesnik (Team Funbridge Blue)

Team Funbridge at the 8th World Youth Transnational Championships!

The 8th World Youth Transnational Championships will be played from Saturday 13 to Thursday 18 July in Wroclaw, Poland. Get ready for 6 days of fierce competition! For some, it will be tiring as they come right after the 29th European Youth Teams Championships taking place at the same venue from 7 to 12 July. The WBF (World Bridge Federation) and the Polish Bridge Union are co-organising the events.

Team Funbridge will be competing there. It will be their third trip in 2024 after Alpe d’Huez and Bodø.

Who will star for Team Funbridge?

Christian Lahrmann aka

Léo Rombaut aka

Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu aka

Nicolai Hieberg-Evenstad aka

Olivia Schireson

Olivia Schireson aka


Sofie Graesholt Sjødal aka

Andrea Nilsson

Andrea Nilsson aka

The Championships will consist of two different competitions over that period: a teams championship (4 to 8 players) from Saturday 13 to Monday 15 July and a pairs championship (2 players) from Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18 July. Of course, as in every youth event, there will be 5 separate series: U16, U21, U26 (Open), U26 (Women) and U31.

Team Funbridge will be represented by:

  • Christian Lahrmann (Denmark) with Nicolai Heiberg-Evenstad (Norway) – U26 Pairs
  • Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu (France) with Wilhelmine Schlumberger (France) – U26 Pairs (Women)
  • Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu (France) with Constance Belloy (France), Elise Nugues (France), Wilhelmine Schlumberger (France) and Wilfried Libbrecht (France) as captain – U26 Teams (Women)
  • And many others…

Day 1 – Summary by Andrea Nilsson (Team Funbridge Pink)

Today was the first day of the Transnational World Championships. Me and my team, Klara, Sofie and Olivia are playing in the U26 category as Team Funbridge Pink. There are two days of qualification with five sets each day and then either BAM or round robin for the top four teams.

For the first match of the day we played France and it did not go as we had hoped. We had a quite unlucky board where the opponents managed to find the right opening bid.

South opened 1♣ even though they played 5542 and not 1 unbalanced. At the other tables, the majority opened 1, which made 3NT a lot easier to play for EW since Declarer could then expect Diamonds not to break even and therefore play for the clubs to break and the diamond finesse to work instead.

In the game against our Swedish friends, we were luckier since we got the cards for a grand slam on our side.

Both Klara and I had some tough decisions on this board. Some players in the competition chose to bid 3 with Klara’s hand, but Klara didn’t because of the bad suit quality and only 10HCP. After asking for Aces, Klara was more than happy to put me in 7♠ after I showed 4 aces with the Queen of Trumps and King of Hearts for +2210. She wasn’t quite sure though if we had a third control in Hearts, but then we just needed some luck with a 2-2 break.

After a long day of play we went to meet up with our Swedish friends for a nice dinner at their hotel. With a lot of food and laughs, we ended the dinner early to take a Uber home to our apartment.

Message from Sofie (Norway):

Here is a short summary of the European Championships: The Norwegian Under-26 women’s team started very well with a good first day and were in the lead by a good amount. Unfortunately, the third day was not good for us and we didn’t manage to pick up enough on the last day, so we ended in 6th place (8 teams qualified for the World Championships: Venice Cup in August 2025 in Macao).”

Day 1 – Summary by Finn Kolesnik (Team Funbridge Blue)

Today was a great start for the tournament. We made the last-minute addition of Jakub Patreuha, a superstar Polish player and we were ready to start strong. In the first round, we had a very good start to lead 36-7 IMPs before the last board. I was dealt ♠86 A97 QT987 ♣T52. The auction goes 1♣ 1NT 2 to me. My normal-looking options are trying to sign off in 3 or pass and try to defend with my A97 of Hearts. A third option that I largely considered is bidding 3NT. I only had 6 points, but this contract looked like one we could expect to play well. Alas, I tried to sign off in Diamonds and I bid 2NT. Pass – 3 and 3 on my right. I passed and we defended there. I led my doubleton spade, my partner won and returned a trump, they played the Jack and I ducked (which was a mistake) and now they played a second heart, which I won with my Ace (also a mistake) to smash my partner’s King. Alas, we played 3 more spades and my 9 was promoted to beat the contract, but we only beat it by 1 trick and lost 8 IMPs against 3NT.

Then we played against Tim and Oscar, a Dutch pair who is one of the strongest in the event, so we needed to be tough. On the second board, my partner Jakub held ♠J7 T82 AKQJ63 ♣J2. It went pass pass to him and we were white vs red. He made a nice bid of 1NT to steal the auction or make a light game and I raised him to 3. The lead was the K and he could see that he was in trouble. He played a diamond to the Jack to make it look like a finesse and played a club to the King (guessing clubs and playing them like he needs them to lie mostly). Now he played a heart and the defence had to take the club tricks now to beat him, which is very tricky. They continued with a heart and another one, so 3NT scored up.

After four wins and one big loss, we ended the day in 3rd place with some work to do to stay in a qualifying position for the final.

Rankings before the last match; it is very very close:

Team Funbridge Blue qualifies for the final!

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