Andrea Nilsson | Team Funbridge

Andrea Nilsson

ID Card

Funbridge username: Andrealovisa

Nickname: Andrew

Nationality: Swedish

Style of play: solid

Date of birth: 24 February 2005

Playing record

Cup first

4th at 2018 World Junior Championships (U16)

2nd at 2023 Strasbourg European Mixed Championships 🥈

Interview with Andrea Nilsson


What is your best bridge memory?

When Maya Lo and I won the qualifications on Day 1 of the U13 World Championships in Lyon.

What do you do when you are not playing bridge?

I study a lot and also spend time with my family and friends. And when I have free time, I like to watch sports events, eat good food and party 🙂

What would you say to encourage someone to take up bridge?

It’s a very challenging game, which helps you develop a lot of brain skills. It’s a very social game too because you interact with people.


Why have you decided to join Team Funbridge?

My goal is to improve every day, and the best way to improve is to play against the best players, so I’m very thankful to Team Funbridge for giving me the opportunity to do so.

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