Sofie Græsholt Sjødal | Team Funbridge

ID Card

Funbridge username: sgs3

Nickname: I don’t have a nickname.

Nationality: Norwegian

Style of play: classic

Date of birth: 12 April 2002

Playing record

Cup first

Three gold medals at European Youth Pairs Championships (U26W Pairs, U26 Mixed Pairs, U31 Mixed Pairs) 🥇

Gold and silver at World Championships (U26W transnational teams and pairs) 🥇

Two bronze medals at World Youth Teams Championships (U26W) 🥉

Interview with Sofie Græsholt Sjødal


What is your best bridge memory?

I have two favourite bridge memories for two very different reasons. The top one is the 2018 European Youth Pairs Championships where I grabbed my first European gold medal in Mixed Pairs and then three days later, very similarly, my second gold medal, in U26W that time.

The other memory has nothing to do with results, but it was my first European Championships. I was eleven years old and five years younger than the second youngest player, but we had so much fun. After playing 60 boards a day, we were back to our student house to play some other card games (not bridge). The problem was that we didn’t have a common space, so we were playing in the washroom. Everyone tightly packed around one small table, every night for about a week.

What do you do when you are not playing bridge?

When I’m not playing bridge, I am a student. I’m studying to become a high school teacher in English and Social Sciences. In addition, I work on teaching and recruitment for the Norwegian Bridge Federation. 

What would you say to encourage someone to take up bridge?

If you think it’s hard in the beginning, don’t give up, you know so much more than you think. Try a couple more times, and you will be addicted. It’s still challenging, but now this will be the reason why you love the game.

Team Funbridge

Why have you decided to join Team Funbridge?

I love to play bridge, and Team Funbridge is a great way to enter tournaments I wouldn’t usually go to. I also really enjoy being with bridge juniors, so it’s fun to travel around with such a big group.

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