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Olivia Schireson

ID Card

Funbridge username: oliviaschireson

Nickname: Some call me Ollie.

Nationality: American

Style of play: Normal I guess. Sometimes I bid too much, sometimes too little. I guess that makes it normal. 🙂 

Date of birth: 7 February 2005

Playing record

Cup first

2nd in Reykjavik bridge festival teams 🥈

2nd in Freeman Mixed BAM (event at NABC) 🥈

3rd in USBF mixed championship 🥉

5th in mixed Swiss (another at NABC)

I’ve been on the US U21 team. By June I will hopefully be on the US women’s team.

Interview with Olivia Schireson


What is your best bridge memory?

My favorite bridge memory is playing with Michael Rosenberg.

What do you do when you are not playing bridge?

When I am not playing bridge, I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music, and reading.

What would you say to encourage someone to take up bridge?

To encourage someone to take up bridge, I would say you can get exactly what you want from playing bridge. Whether it’s an intellectual challenge, a good time, lifelong friends, or the chance to travel the world, bridge can give you what you are looking for.


Why have you decided to join Team Funbridge?

I have decided to join Team Funbridge because it’s an amazing group of people. I’m excited to be around many talented players, and great company on the team.

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