Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu | Team Funbridge

ID Card

Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu aka MKB Team Funbridge ID Card

Funbridge username: Margaux#Patate

Nickname: MKB

Nationality: French

Style of play: Classic

Date of birth: 25 January 2002

Playing record

Cup first

European vice-champion with Les Girls in July 2022 🥈

Pairs World Champion (Girls category) with Clara Bouton in August 2022 🥇

And many more honors to come…

Interview with Margaux Kurek-Beaulieu


At what age did you start playing bridge and what motivated you?

I started playing at 14-15 shortly after my mother (we played Les Espérances together). The atmosphere was very friendly at the Alès club where I started and it made me want to come very regularly, all the more since all players were offering to play with me in regular tournaments.

What is your best bridge memory?

When we won the Pairs competition with Clara in August 2022 in Salsomaggiore. We started very badly – mostly because of me! – and thanks to our coach Wilfried’s support, we managed to refocus and get back in the game. And the final outcome was a very good surprise.

What would you say to encourage someone to take up bridge?

I would tell them that anyone can take up this activity, which is very stimulating. Whether you want to progress or have fun, both approaches are possible and compatible, in a very good atmosphere. Playing bridge allows you to meet many great people with whom to share your passion.

What do you do when you are not playing bridge?

Outside bridge, I am doing a degree in foreign and regional languages, literatures and civilisations (LLCER) with the aim of integrating a master’s degree in teaching, education and training (MEEF) in September. I have just spent a year as an Erasmus student with my cat Patate in Cádiz where I did plenty of walks and visits and often went swimming at the swimming pool or at the beach.


Why have you decided to joined the Funbridge team?

I am very happy to be part of the Funbridge team because having played a lot on the app since I started bridge, I am pleased to represent it in the many events in which we will be participating soon (European Transnational Championships, European National Youth Pairs Championships, etc.).

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