Team Funbridge

Day 7: A day of lost chances

In a continuation of the Winter Games organised by the European Bridge League in Monaco and then in Tignes, a prestigious trial will take place in France, coming up from the 15th to 21st April: the first European Winter Transnational Championships. This competition will take place in Alpe d'Huez, a famous ski resort also known for its often decisive stage in the Tour de France.

Day 3: Close to the goal!

The Vilnius Cup is back for its 2023 edition! To our greatest pleasure, Team Funbridge is participating in this major event. Don't hesitate to come back regularly to this article; we will update it with the first results, highlights of the competition, as well as the initial impressions of our young talents!
Léo Rombaut aka Lélé Team Funbridge header

Léo Rombaut | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: ŁéŁé Nickname: Lélé (not very original ha ha). Nationality: French Style of play: Rather aggressive (especially 1NT 8-12). This is due to the ardour of the youth, but I am learning…


Emma Kolesnik | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: ekolesnik Nickname: Emma (name and nickname 😊). Nationality: USA! Ukrainian on father’s side. Style of play: Instinctive. Scientific on slam auctions and analytical in post-mortems with suit-preference style carding. Date of…

Federica Dalpozzo aka Chicca Team Funbridge

Federica Dalpozzo | Team Funbridge

ID Card Funbridge username: chiccad Nickname: Chicca Nationality: Italian Style of play: Aggressive Date of birth: May 27th 2004 Playing record European’s Champion 🥇 And many more honors to come… Interview with Federica Dalpozzo At…