Day 3: Close to the goal!

The Vilnius Cup is back for its 2023 edition! To our greatest pleasure, Team Funbridge is participating in this major event. Don’t hesitate to come back regularly to this article; we will update it with the first results, highlights of the competition, as well as the initial impressions of our young talents!


A worldwide competition

News of 20 September by Margot Penel

The Vilnius Cup, a renowned worldwide competition, will take place from 22 to 24 September in Lithuania.

As in previous years, the Vilnius Cup will be held at the prestigious 4-star Crowne Plaza Vilnius hotel.

The Vilnius Bridge Club, the event organizer, offers significant rewards to the top players in this competition! The winner of the Open Teams will be awarded a prize of 3,000€ in recognition of their performance.

Hotel Crowne Plaza
Crowne Plaza Vilnius Hotel

On the program:

  • Open Teams: It spans over three days, from 22 to 24 September. With a total of 129 boards to play, the challenge will be memorable for participating teams.
  • Open Paires (MP): It will take place on 23 September and will consist of 50 boards.
  • Open Paires (IMP): It will take place on the final day of the Vilnius Cup 2023. Players in this tournament will have to play 30 boards on Sunday 24 September.

Our Team Funbridge is at the competition

The Vilnius Cup 2023 promises to be an exciting event bringing together bridge players from around the world. Our Team Funbridge will be present to take part in these three days of intense competition!

Find the members who will be participating:

Vilnius, a city to discover

The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, is a city steeped in History overflowing with architectural and heritage riches. Perched on the banks of the Vilnia and Neris rivers, this city is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe.

The historic heart of Vilnius, miraculously spared from the ravages of both world wars, has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for several years.

The embassy district is renowned for its typically Nordic facades with vibrant colors and impressive sculptures.

Vilnius’s architecture bears witness to its past. The abundance of religious buildings within the city has, at times, earned it the nickname of the “Rome of the East.”

La Tour De Gediminas
Gediminas Tower

Beyond its rich heritage, Vilnius pulsates with a vibrant culture. The city’s music scene is in the spotlight, notably featuring the famous Lithuanian men’s choir, known worldwide

La porte de l'Aurore
Gate of Dawn
Eglise Sainte-Anne
St. Anne’s Church
Palais Présidentiel
Presidential Palace

Day 1: A promising first day

News of 22 September by Team Funbridge

Friday 22 September was the first day of competition for Team Funbridge! On the programme: the qualifiers for the Team Open.

“This weekend we are playing the Vilnius cup in Lithuania. We have three pairs, all hoping for a nice trip and some good bridge!😉

We just played the first part of the qualification and are currently a few VPs above average.

Wish us luck in the rest!🤗”

Team Funbridge

Federica Dalpozzo and Valentina Dalpozzo
Federica Dalpozzo and Valentina Dalpozzo

“We finished 9th in the qualification after a really good day from Valentina and Federica. 💪

The first 6 teams directly qualified for the finals. The finishers in 7th to 10th place will play for the two lasts spots in the final tomorrow morning.

-Christian Lahrmann-

Day 2: Two decisive knockout matches

News of 23 September by Team Funbridge

“Today we woke up very early to play the 2 knockout matches starting at 09.00. ⏰

First match was against Poland, very exiting hands a lot of swings but we won by 10 imps.

Second match KO was also against a polish team and luckily for us the girls saved our lives again so we won! 💪

11.00 started the 1 day pair tournament 50 boards. Christian and Alexander got a prize for the 10th place, they started very well but in the last session they had bad luck. The girls won the best junior pair. Andreas and Margaux had average.” 😊

Andreas Abragi
Andreas Abragi at the table

Day 3: Close to goal!

News of 24 September by Team Funbridge

“Today was the final of the Open teams and it was a miracle we were even there. With one board left to play in the qualification, we were out, but we got saved by 12 IMPs on the last board. Then we had to win 2 KO matches as trials for the final and we did so.

Our Team Funbridge players playing the final decisive shots for a place in the final
Our Team Funbridge players playing the final decisive shots for a place in the final

In the final, we started last because of the carry-over. For example, we were 10 VPs behind the Klukowski team. But we won the first 5 matches and climbed from last to 2nd place with chances of winning. Unfortunately, the last 2 matches didn’t go our way and we finished 7th, just below the 6th prize. But we will come back! 💪”

Team Funbridge

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