Federica Dalpozzo | Team Funbridge

ID Card

Federica Dalpozzo Team Funbridge ID Card

Funbridge username: chiccad

Nickname: Chicca

Nationality: Italian

Style of play: Aggressive

Date of birth: May 27th 2004

Playing record

Cup first

European’s Champion 🥇

And many more honors to come…

Interview with Federica Dalpozzo


At what age did you start playing bridge?

I started at 10 because of my parents.

What is your best bridge memory?

The first national bridge summer camp.

A message to share?

I would say to my parents that they are my best supporters and I would thank them.

What do you do when you are not playing bridge?

I will soon finish secondary school and then I will study engineering in university. I also practise taekwondo.


Why have you decided to joined the Funbridge team?

Because it’s really nice to be part of an international team.

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