Preview: Bridge Points are coming soon to Funbridge!

Bridge Points

We have some big news! In a few weeks’ time, Bridge Points (BP) and the BP Circuit will make their debut on Funbridge.

What is it? How does it work? How to get some? All these questions are addressed in the article below!

What are Bridge Points used for?

Brand-new Bridge Points will soon replace Funbridge Points as the standard way to compare yourself to other bridge players from all over the world in monthly and yearly rankings.

What about Funbridge Points?

Your current Funbridge Points will be automatically converted into Bridge Points (1 Bridge Point = 100 Funbridge Points) when the new point system will become effective.

How to win Bridge Points?

To collect Bridge Points, all you will have to do is participate in special events of the BP Circuit on Funbridge! Each event will earn you a certain amount of Bridge Points based on a coefficient from 1 to 25 according to its category

You will be able to easily identify them as they will have their own logos:

Bridge Points x1

Bridge Points x2

Bridge Points x5

Bridge Points x10

Bridge Points x25

Daily tournaments, Instant tournaments, Ambassador tournaments… The season will offer numerous tournaments rewarded with Bridge Points. The more Bridge Points a category of tournament offers, the rarer it will be!

⚠️ Important: NBOs tournaments (example: EBU or ACBL tournaments) will not earn Bridge Points.

And there is more…

Rack up Bridge Points and unlock rewards in your Funbridge profile. Another enhancement coming up in 2024 that will mark Funbridge’s history!

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Any question, comment or suggestion about the new Bridge Points?

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    • Right; we do already pay member fees: why does Funbridge need to charge extra money on top for diamonds? It does indeed kill the fun, because most tournaments require diamonds to register. Member fees should be sufficient to play unlimited games.

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