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Deal after deal, Funbridge helps you boost your bridge level quickly! But after making spectacular progress, you soon hit the famous glass ceiling: your performance stagnates and you run short of new ideas to break this ceiling into a thousand pieces… 🔨💥

As champions are surrounded by the best experts and tools to progress and get to the top of their discipline, we now invite you to join a genuine champion training plan. We named it…

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Get the advantages of a Premium subscription (unlimited deals, no ads…)
First-class follow-up tools and resources to progress quickly while having fun:

Features meant to help you progress

Commented deals Funbridge Premium+

Commented deals

Unlimited access to several hundreds of preset deals selected by experts.

Detailes deal analysis Funbridge Premium+

Detailed deal analysis

Sharp and thorough analysis at the end of a deal to target your improvement areas. A must-have to make progress!

Content to help you excel

Bridgerama Plus digital version

Bridgerama+ magazine included

Every month the digital version of Bridgerama+ magazine: 28 pages that are 100% dedicated to bridge!

Funbridge Premium+ exclusive content

Blog articles with restricted access

Articles that are only available to Premium+ members are frequently published on the Funbridge blog: lessons and exercises, feature stories, surveys, news…

Funbridge Exclusive Newsletter

Monthly exclusive newsletter

Every month you will receive the Funbridge Exclusive Newsletter including your game stats, bridge articles, previews, contests… and much more!

Privileged treatment worthy of the greatest

Discount on Diamonds for Premium+ members

Discount on Diamonds all year round

Premium+ members enjoy a 15% permanent discount on Diamonds, so they can play major tournaments on Funbridge and save money!

Customer support

Fast pass for customer support

When you join the Premium+ plan, you become a VIP! Your support requests are given priority treatment by our customer service.

Your opinion at the heart of Funbridge developments

The Premium+ community has a privileged link with the Funbridge team! You can share your views and expectations via regular surveys, and even have a sneak preview of upcoming new features.

Join the Premium+ community now!

As you will have understood, the Funbridge Premium+ subscription is key to making rapid and spectacular progress! To immediately benefit from all the Premium+ advantages, choose a subscription plan then let us guide you:

Monthly subscription

US$23.99 monthly

Yearly subscription

US$239.99 yearly

Your questions, our answers!

I don’t see Premium+ features in the app. How to do?

You probably have to update your application. If despite this you don’t see the Premium+ features in the application, our customer service is here to help!

I currently have a Premium subscription. I want to upgrade to Premium+. How do I do that?

You will enjoy Premium+ advantages immediately after subscribing! Since you switch from a Premium subscription, the amount and date of the first payment for your new subscription will vary according to the platform you use to subscribe to Premium+:

  • On our online shop and on Android: When you subscribe to Premium+, you aren’t charged immediately. The date of the first payment for your new Premium+ subscription is automatically calculated based on your remaining Premium subscription time at the time of subscribing.
  • On iOS (Apple, iPhone): When you subscribe to Premium+, you are charged immediately. If you do so before your current subscription is renewed, a pro-rated discount will automatically apply.

I’d like to try Premium+. Can I switch back to Premium later?

Yes, it’s indeed possible! You can switch back to a Premium subscription at any time. However, any change will take effect at the next payment date of your current Premium+ subscription. Meanwhile, you will continue to benefit from Premium+ advantages under the subscription terms.

I have another question. How do I get help?

You will probably find the answer in our FAQ. If needed, our customer service is also here to provide support asap.

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