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25% off packs of Diamonds until 30 January!

Diamonds Funbridge Anniversary

“Diamonds” is the name given to the virtual currency used on Funbridge. Diamonds give you access to:

Federation tournaments

Play official tournaments licensed by NBOs (ACBL, NBB, EBU …), earn masterpoints and move up your national rankings as if you were playing in your club.

Funbridge Points tournaments

Earn Funbridge Points and enter the rankings of the same name. This is perfect to see how you compare to other players taking part in federation tournaments on Funbridge. Play tournaments hosted by bridge champions such as Zia Mahmood, Milan Macura, Tom Drijver, Nikolas Bausback, Dominique Fonteneau and Jérôme Rombaut.

Special tournaments

Bridge International Championship (BIC), seasonal tournaments (i.e. Back-to-school tournament) … You can also use Diamonds to play some upcoming special tournaments, stay tuned!

Are you interested in the game modes above?

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Camille Granato
Camille Granato
5 mois plus tôt

diamonds went up $25. Are Any promotions coming up for a less expensive price for 2,000 package?