Play federation tournaments on Funbridge and move up your national rankings!

As a partner of many National Bridge Organisations, Funbridge is licensed to run official federation tournaments allowing you to move up your national rankings as if you were playing in a club.

Partner federations

How to play federation tournaments on Funbridge?

How to download Funbridge on smartphones and tablets

From an iPhone/iPad
Download Funbridge via the App Store

From an Android device
Download Funbridge via the Google Play Store

Open the app once the download is over. Tap/click “Play my first deal“. After your first deal, enter a username to access the main menu of the app and its numerous game modes.

How to play on Funbridge from a computer (PC and Mac)

Follow this link to access the online version of Funbridge: Play bridge online

You need to create an account to access all game modes. To do so, enter a username, an email address and a password.


To play a tournament of one of our partner federations, follow the steps below:

1 – Open your Funbridge app and log in if needed
2 – Go to “Play a tournament”, then “Federation tournaments”
3 – Choose your federation

Tournaments are split into three tabs: in progress, soon and archives. You can play ongoing tournaments straight away, register for upcoming tournaments and access your past tournaments in the records.

Alos discover instant tournaments

Some federations (FFB, ACBL, NBF, TBF) also organise special tournaments called “instant tournaments”. These are past tournaments of 10 or 12 deals which have already taken place on Funbridge and for which results are already known.

You are ranked against other players and you earn points awarded by the relevant federation immediately after playing.

Many advantages:

  • Tournaments that you haven’t played yet available at any time
  • Ranking known immediately after playing
  • Large number of participants per tournament guaranteed
  • Play as many tournaments as you want
  • At your own pace: stop a tournament and resume it whenever you want.


To be awarded with the official points earned in these tournaments, enter your federation number in the box provided on the home screen of the game mode.

New tournaments added

Considering the current context, we have added new slots and new tournaments at the request of several federations:

FFB (France)

  • Addition of a daily tournament reserved for FFB “Séries 3 & 4”
  • Addition of instant tournaments

NBF (Norway)

  • Addition of a daylong MP tournament of 12 deals every day
  • Addition of instant tournaments

PZBS (Poland)

  • A total of 4 MP and IMP tournaments of 16 deals per day
  • Addition of instant tournaments

RBBF (Belgium)

  • Addition of a 48 hour MP tournament of 20 deals from Wednesday 3am to Friday 3am

CBS (Czech Republic)

  • 1 IMP tournament of 16 deals per week

SBF (Sweden)

  • Addition of a daylong MP tournament of 12 deals every day

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