Happy Hours Tournaments on 22 April

Happy Hours

Happy Hours tournament comes back! This tournament allows you to double yours Funbridge Points. Happy Hours tournament will kick off on 22 April at 06 am (UTC+1). Save the date!  You can register now for Happy Hours tournament: ✍️The tournament Happy Hours tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament consisting of 8 deals scored by MPs allowing you to earn twice as many Funbridge Points as usual tournaments for the same price (22 Diamonds). 🏆 Prizes awarded The big advantage…

Special guest: Ben Norton

Ben Norton

Stay tuned! We give you the opportunity to pit your skills against Ben Norton from time to time. Challenge him in Funbridge Points tournaments and try to win 25 Diamonds! ✨Ben Norton✨ Ben Norton was born in Nottingham in 1997. He studied at Loughborough Grammar School. In his free time, he likes relaxing, watching movies and TV shows. 🏆Playing Record 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017: Peggy Bayer Trophy Selections 2015,…

Everything you need to know about Diamonds

diamonds virtual currency funbridge

“Diamonds” is the name given to the virtual currency used on Funbridge. Diamonds give you access to: Federation tournaments Play official tournaments licensed by NBOs (ACBL, NBB, EBU …), earn masterpoints and move up your national rankings as if you were playing in your club. Funbridge Points tournaments Earn Funbridge Points and enter the rankings of the same name. This is perfect to see how you compare to other players…

The Salso Experience – World Bridge Team Championships

Salsomaggiore Terme 45th world team championships

After an interval of more than two years, it was appropriate that the resumption of World Championship play should take place in Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy), a town with a long history of hosting major events that is renowned for the therapeutic and healing properties of its thermal spas. Four world titles were up for grabs, the Bermuda Bowl, the Venice Cup, the d’Orsi Trophy and the Wuhan Cup. In all four events a complete round Robin of 23 matches was followed by a series of knock-out matches, starting with quarterfinals.

Diamonds Hunt tournament on 12-17 April

Diamonds' Hunt

Funbridge is running an exceptional tournament open to subscribers only this week! And an exceptional event necessarily comes with an amazing entry fee. Learn more about the tournament just here below: The tournament The Diamonds Hunt tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament open to Funbridge subscribers only. It will be held from 12 to 17 April and divided into 3 phases: qualifications, 1-day breakand weekend of finals. Qualifications The qualification…

The greatest show on Earth – NABC Reno 2022

NABC Reno 2022

There is nothing quite like a NABC. Three times a year, cities in North America host a vast array of players, ranging from World Champions to those taking their first exciting steps into the world of tournament bridge. Imagine being a golfer and finding yourself on the first tee with Tiger Woods, or perhaps a tennis player who discovers his first-round opponent is Roger Federer; at the Nationals, you have every chance of playing against the greatest champions!

Results of Spring BIC 2022

Spring BIC

More than 2236 players participated in the Spring BIC! Thanks to you for making this tournament popular and interesting! We hope you had fun playing your games! 💛Congratulation! Congratulations to all the participants! The BIC would not have been so exciting without your participation! The level of this Spring BIC was very high! Some of the players were formidable! You all played very well! 🏆International winners At the top of…

The Robson Touch: Trump coup

robson touch "Trump Coup"

In partnership with Bridgerama+ magazine, Funbridge is pleased to give you free access to an article from the last issue. Enjoy! (Click here to print the article). Trump Coup Despite being in dummy, you cannot pick up East’s King of trumps in this ending: Spades are trumps. You lead a Diamond from dummy but East discards and, after ruffing, you have to lead from your ♠AQ to East’s ♠K8. Let’s make a small…

St Patrick’s Day Tournament on 17 March


Tournament rules The St Patrick’s Day tournament is an exclusive 1-day tournament. It will kick off at 6am (UTC+1) on 17 March 2022 and end at 6am (UTC+1) on 18 March 2022. There will be many prizes to win in this Funbridge Points tournament consisting of 10 deals and scored by MPs. Register now to make sure you don’t miss this event! How to win prizes? 🥇Excel yourself🥇 Excel yourself to reach…