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NABC Atlanta

The Battle of Atlanta

The NABC, organised by the American Contract Bridge League (ABCL), will be held from 23 November to 3 December. For the occasion, this article will be updated regularly to keep you informed…

Tignes Winter Games

Lions in Winter 

Bridge players from around the world converged on the alpine ski resort of Tignes to compete in the 4th European Winter Games. Even at the end of April conditions are near perfect…

Improve your bridge

Improve your bridge!

The challenge posed by bridge is never-ending. Each new hand presents you with a different set of problems to solve. How can you raise the level of your game? #1 Join a…

Salsomaggiore Terme 45th world team championships

The Salso Experience – World Bridge Team Championships

After an interval of more than two years, it was appropriate that the resumption of World Championship play should take place in Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy), a town with a long history of hosting major events that is renowned for the therapeutic and healing properties of its thermal spas. Four world titles were up for grabs, the Bermuda Bowl, the Venice Cup, the d’Orsi Trophy and the Wuhan Cup. In all four events a complete round Robin of 23 matches was followed by a series of knock-out matches, starting with quarterfinals.
NABC Reno 2022

The greatest show on Earth – NABC Reno 2022

There is nothing quite like a NABC. Three times a year, cities in North America host a vast array of players, ranging from World Champions to those taking their first exciting steps into the world of tournament bridge. Imagine being a golfer and finding yourself on the first tee with Tiger Woods, or perhaps a tennis player who discovers his first-round opponent is Roger Federer; at the Nationals, you have every chance of playing against the greatest champions!