The Salso Experience – World Bridge Team Championships

Salsomaggiore Terme 45th world team championships

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Salsomaggiore, a prestigious place
Battle Royal: highlights from the Bermuda Bowl
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Salsomagiore, a prestigious place

After an interval of more than two years, it was appropriate that the resumption of World Championship play should take place in Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy 🇮🇹), a town with a long history of hosting major events that is renowned for the therapeutic and healing properties of its thermal spas.

Salsomaggiore Terme

Four world titles were up for grabs, the Bermuda Bowl, the Venice Cup, the d’Orsi Trophy and the Wuhan Cup. In all four events a complete round Robin of 23 matches was followed by a series of knock-out matches, starting with quarterfinals.

Despite the precautions taken by the World Bridge Federation, several players and officials became infected by Covid during the championships. To ensure the safety of everyone, the WBF suspended play for a day so that everyone could be tested.

That enabled play to resume the following day and with some adjustments to the schedule all champions were decided on the final day:

🇸🇪 Sweden retained the Venice Cup title they had won in Wuhan in 2019 by defeating Turkey

🇵🇱 Poland won the d’Orsi Trophy, runners-up India improving on the bronze medal they won in Wuhan

The Mixed team title for the Wuhan Cup went to 🇫🇷 France, USA 1 having to be content with the silver medals just as in Wuhan.

Salsomaggiore cups

Battle Royal: highlights from the Bermuda Bowl

The Bermuda Bowl is rightly regarded as the Holy Grail, the event that every player wants to win.

Bermuda Bowl Salsomaggiore

The final matched the 🇳🇱 Netherlands, runners-up in 2019, against 🇨🇭 Switzerland, appearing in its first ever final. It proved to be a dramatic encounter as the lead changed hands repeatedly.

With just four deals remaining Switzerland led 166-156. Focus on three of them. 🔍

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