Salsomaggiore Terme 45th world team championships

The Salso Experience – World Bridge Team Championships

After an interval of more than two years, it was appropriate that the resumption of World Championship play should take place in Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy), a town with a long history of hosting major events that is renowned for the therapeutic and healing properties of its thermal spas. Four world titles were up for grabs, the Bermuda Bowl, the Venice Cup, the d’Orsi Trophy and the Wuhan Cup. In all four events a complete round Robin of 23 matches was followed by a series of knock-out matches, starting with quarterfinals.

March 2021 Bridge International Championship

This month will see the launch of the main world bridge event of spring 2021: the Bridge International Championship (BIC) on Funbridge, BBO and CBO. The Bridge International Championship is the second world tournament scored by MPs run on Funbridge.   The aim…


Funbridge and BBO against cheating

Funbridge and BBO wish to emphasise their policy regarding zero tolerance of bad behaviour and cheating by participants playing bridge online at their sites. Both organisations strive daily to prevent and detect…


2019 WBF Funbridge Challenge Results

2019 WBF Funbridge Challenge Results In 2019, Funbridge organised the WBF Challenge in collaboration with the World Bridge Federation, entitling the top 3 players to free entry to the upcoming World Bridge Games…


Discover the new WBF tournaments

The whole Funbridge team is very happy to inform you that we now count the World Bridge Federation (WBF) among our partners! As part of this new collaboration, Funbridge will have the privilege to…