The WBF FunBridge Robot Tournaments

As these Robot tournaments gather momentum, with more and more players participating, not only is it possible to display new ranking lists – month by month, year by year, even all time, but we are also able to announce some really exciting prizes !

At the end of 2019 the leading three players in the 2019 overall ranking, determined on their best results achieved over a minimum of 100 tournaments will be invited to participate in the 2020 World Championships with a partner of their choice

These three players will receive free entry to whichever of the four National Pairs Championships** they wish to participate in – the National Open, Women’s, Seniors or Mixed Pairs  plus bed and breakfast accommodation in a twin/double room for themselves and their partner for the duration of the Pairs Championship.

And as if that isn’t enough, there will be competitions with 3 times 1000€ prizes for the best play, bidding and defence presented to the player concerned and also to the Journalist reporting the hand and publishing it in the IPBA Bulletin or other publication – the player should send the details about the bidding, play and defence to the journalist of his choice, noting the hand number, the day of the tournament and whether it was MPs or IMPs.

To play in these fun, enjoyable Robot Tournaments, just go to and download the application.

The ranking lists can be found at : and these give details of the titles achieved and the master point awards.

Have you played an exceptional board? Download the template here and share it with the journalists mentioned under it and try to win!

** The 2020 Championship is an event for National Pairs, so both members of the partnership must be players in good standing, belonging to and eligible to play for the same NBO

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  1. Ich habe ein mir bei FUNBRIDGE ein Jahres-Abonnement gekauft, kann aber immer weniger spielen. Ich habe den Eindruck, daß diese Firma nicht ordnungsgemäß handelt. Der Server schient immer überlastet zu sein. Unseriös!!!

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