“Step by step declarer play: don’t tempt fate!” by Norbert Lébely

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Don’t tempt fate

  • Dealer South. N/S vul.

Sitting South, you are the dealer and hold the following hand:

You are the dealer

You open 1NT and North raises to game:

West leads the 8 of Hearts

Contract: 3NT.
Lead: ♥8.

West leads of 8 of Hearts
  • How many winners do you start with?

You have seven sure and immediate tricks: three Diamonds (Ace-King-Queen), three Clubs (Ace-King-Queen) and the Ace of Hearts. You are missing two, but Clubs should be able to provide them.

  • Do you see a risk of going down?

Yes. If you are not careful, it may happen that you have to lose not only the King of Hearts but also four Spade tricks if East gets on lead and plays a Spade through your empty King.

  • Do you have a convincing clue that helps you decide?

Yes. The ♥8 is not fourth best. The three missing higher cards are K109 and with K1098, West would have led the ♥10; top of the inner sequence. The 8 therefore comes from an honor-less suit.

  • What do you have to do?

Firmly call for the Ace of Hearts without tempting fate.

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