Minibridge, maximum fun!


Bridge learners’ first steps perfectly embody the adage that “quantity must not drive out quality”.

Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than quickly getting to play easy deals even if they cover bridge concepts that are sometimes complex!

But it is not that easy to feel that way with online bridge games, especially when you play against seasoned players…

Ready, steady, play!

Always driven by innovation, we are pleased to announce the launch of Minibridge on Funbridge!

More than a simplified version of the game of bridge, Minibridge is a real learning method enabling you to put into practice many bridge concepts very quickly. Among them are:

  • Making tricks
  • Playing with and for your partner
  • Assessing your strength
  • Playing with a trump suit
  • Communicating for reaching a better contract

An essential educational aid for bridge teachers

Minibridge has been developed in close cooperation with the French Bridge Federation (FFB).

It combines their decades of educational experience with the technological and ergonomic know-how gained by Funbridge since 2004.

This new game mode gives bridge learners the opportunity to practise outside the classroom (in club or at school). The Funbridge app allows you to play solo anywhere anytime. There is no more limit to your practice!

Funbridge strongly believes in blended learning based on online and face-to-face games. We would like to help bridge teachers reach all audiences, both young and olderExclusive tournaments using preset deals were an example of this, Minibridge is another one.”

– Boris Plays, Product Manager.

Boris Plays

Your opinion matters to us

Whether you are a beginner, a bridge teacher or simply curious, if you have tested Minibridge, feel free to share your view with the Funbridge team and the community of bridge players in the Comments section below!


    • Hello Diane.
      When you fail a deal, you can try it again via the results pop-up, but this time with Argine’s advice.

  1. Super course, even for children down to about the age of nine as long as they have an adult with them to help them understand the text. I’ve found you need to be at least a teenager to understand words like mandatory, commit, determine, assess, … I feel it would need a thorough edit to reach young audiences. Great job, though.

  2. So I’ve been in “Random deals” at the end of the first chapter. More than one of the hands required 7 or 10 tricks and I obtained those scores, but the program kept telling me “too bad?” How can we report them if the random deals aren’t numbered?

    • Hello,
      You should contact the customer support, best would be to provide a screen shot of the issue so it will be easier to understand what’s going on.

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