What happened on your bridge game in February? Find out more here!

What happened on Funbridge in February? Find out more below!

Funbridge and the World Bridge Federation are now partners!
Thanks to this partnership, you can participate in official WBF “Robot Bridge Points” tournaments and thus increase your WBF ranking directly on Funbridge.

An updated version of your app is also available.
What’s new in this version? New rankings and Funbridge Points tournaments! More details on the Funbridge blog.


The deal explained by Jérôme Rombaut

Every month Jérôme Rombaut analyses an interesting deal in an article published in the magazine Le Bridgeur.

This month Jérôme talks about a deal from the Funbridge Team Championship in which he takes part every day on the app with Vanessa Réess, Anne-Laure Huberschwiller, Frédéric Volcker, Thomas Bessis and Pierre Franceschetti.

Read the article by Jérôme Rombaut

A look back at St Moritz International Bridge Festival (Switzerland)

The 77th edition of this prestigious bridge festival ended on 24 January.

Jérôme Rombaut, member of the Funbridge team, took part in the event with his partner Thomas Bessis and tells us about a deal from the semi-final.

Learn more: 2018 St Moritz International Bridge Festival.

You are planning to host a bridge event? Funbridge can help you!

In order to encourage contacts between bridge players and to further promote bridge, we sponsor events sharing these values and catching our attention.

You would like Funbridge to sponsor your next bridge event? Contact us!

Click here to learn more about Funbridge-sponsored events.

Have fun playing tournaments!