2023 in figures: retrospective of the year 

Infographie 2023

Are you interested in taking a look at Funbridge statistics? 🔦

As we do every year, we are happy to share our annual infographics! In this 2023 edition, you will find out which game modes are the most popular, how many players use Funbridge and you will relive the highlights of the year.

Enjoy! 🥰

Infographie 2023
Infographie 2023
Infographie 2023

2023 Highlights

Team Funbridge

A team of young and talented players was established in 2023: Team Funbridge! You got the opportunity to follow their journey through many events such as Strasbourg European Transnational Championships.

New ambassadors

This year we were pleased to welcome new bridge experts to our team: Vanessa Réess, India Natt, Shazhaad Natt and Luc Bellicaud. Thanks to them, we can now offer you new analyses and tournaments!



New thematic deals devised by Dominique Fonteneau, India Natt and Tom Drijver have been available since February 2023. Open to all players, these masterclasses are perfect to put what you learn into practice.


New commented deals

To meet your expectations and help you improve your game, we uploaded 200 new commented deals to Funbridge in 2023! In total, 600 deals are now available in our library.

New game modes

Tournois par élimination

Knockout tournaments

2023 was marked by the release of knockout tournaments, a new game mode we are so proud of! You can now challenge other members of the community in one-on-one matches.

Tournois par élimination


You may have also discovered Minibridge, a simplified version of bridge allowing you to put the concepts of the game into practice quickly. Beginners get efficient training outside regular classes in clubs!

Exceptional events!

Super 13 Tournament

You took part in many competitions on Funbridge. Among them are the Strasbourg BIC and the Olympic Esports Week held in Singapore. You also tried never-been-seen-before events like the Super 13 tournament.

Bic Asie

And you, what did you think of the year 2023 on Funbridge?

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  1. I really enjoyed the master classes. And havebeen playing team bridgefor overfive years with the same team. We live all over the United States and have enjoyed getting to know each other through our team comments with each other.

  2. First of all, congratulations on staying in business and not getting hacked. At least as far as I know, You must have pretty good security to keep the bad guys from affecting your operations.

    I’d like to see an article on Argine’s “thought” processes, particularly how does Vulnerability affect when to bid and when not to bid.

  3. High time there is some schemed to reward good players by finding a way to pay them for their time. Bridge is a great game with granular results. Bridge should make that possible. As it is, after a few games, it gets utterly boring to continue to play when there are no rewards.

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