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Elimination Tournament

We at Funbridge are thrilled to announce the release of knockout tournaments! These occasional events and their unprecedented format will punctuate the year from November on, with a good dose of excitement and epic matches ⚔️. Here is an exclusive sneak peek into this new game mode we are very proud of!

New feature or comeback? 🤔

Long-standing players may say that it brings back some memories. We had indeed run knockout tournaments on Funbridge PC back in… 2015! Those who remember must already be burning with impatience, as these events were extremely popular at the time. For others, follow me, I will explain everything. 🤓

A knockout tournament is a single-elimination competition (as the name suggests 😛) in which players face each other in one-on-one matches, a bit like the challenges you can already find on Funbridge. Each match counts, only the winner advances to the next round. Defeat will mark the end of your journey. 👋

The number of deals per match will vary according to events. Anyway, be ready for epic battles since in one-on-one games, plot twists are legion! Who never made an unlikely slam try on the last deal of a challenge to change the outcome? 😈 Note that unlike challenges, there is always a winner in a knockout tournament. So, in case of a tie, the player who completed all the deals first will qualify. 🚀

Make it through the first, second and later rounds and reach the big final. Obviously, at the end, only one champion will win the top prize, but we will make many players happy as rewards will be distributed for each victory.


Two knockout tournaments at the end of 2023

On 9 november the first knockout tournament, reserved for Premium+ members, has gathered 1.100 players. Thanks to all!

Bridge Clash 2: iPad to be won!

We are happy to announce that a second knockout tournament is scheduled for 30 November on Funbridge. 🥳

As with its first edition, the Bridge Clash 2 tournament and features an exceptional prize: a 10ᵉ generation iPad! 🎁

ipad funbridge francais

Other tournaments will follow and we will make sure that you get all the details in due time. Meanwhile, you can still find all your favourite events: Ambassadors’ tournaments, Masterclasses hosted by India Natt, Happy Hours tournaments and the recent Super 13 tournament (which will be repeated soon since you made it a huge success). 😁

Funbridge ambassadors and staff will be participating


And that is not all! Our renowned Funbridge ambassadors will be ready to fight. Good luck to those who will be on their way! 🥵 Most Funbridge’s employees will join in the fun and compete in the next tournaments too. To be completely honest, we must confess that we won’t be as hard to beat as our ambassadors. 😅

Not only knocking out an ambassador, a staff member or a Team Funbridge player will give you an opportunity to shine in society, but it will also bring you extra Diamonds! Bounty hunters are already rubbing their hands. 😏

Your opinion matters to us

We can’t wait for you to participate in this first big knockout tournament on Funbridge. Stay tuned so you don’t miss this great event! Your feedback will be very useful to help us improve this game mode and the app in general over time.

Tell us what you think of this concept in the comments! Maybe you are one of those who remember knockout tournaments on Funbridge PC? We are looking forward to your messages. 😊

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    • 6PM Paris time, which means 5PM Lisbon time. But don’t worry, each round will last an entire day (23 hours precisely) so you don’t have to be there right at the begining!

    • Hello Ian, this first tournament won’t require any registration fee in Diamonds, you just have to be a Premium+ subscriber to play

  1. Please think about hiding the scores until all deals have been played. A lot of last-minute bids and plays could be different if the second player does not know the exact score that he needs to win the game.

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