200 new commented deals on Funbridge!

Commented deals

What is it all about?

Comments from experts

Commented deals are educational resources allowing you to work on any bridge situation thanks to the many thematic filters available.

They will help you make quick, spectacular and above all targeted progress according to your needs. 💪

400 commented deals available!

200 new commented deals have been recently uploaded to Funbridge.

A total of 600 deals are now available in the library of commented deals and new deals will regularly be added to satisfy your desire to improve your play. 🙂

Try out now!

The Commented deals mode can be found in the menu Get started/Practise or by clicking here.

One commented deal is offered to all players every week. Our Premium members have access to 3 commented deals per week and our Premium+ members have unlimited access! 💪

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  1. Please think about some sort of translation app, would love to be able to discus/ congratulate I find it so frustrating, not understanding all the language spoken.

  2. Why can’t I open this commented bridge on my first page. Everytime I push play, it tells me to download the app. I have been playing this a long time and never had such difficulties getting the game I want.

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