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Commented deals

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Commented deals are educational resources allowing you to work on any bridge situation thanks to the many thematic filters available.

They will help you make quick, spectacular and above all targeted progress according to your needs. 💪

400 commented deals available!

150 new commented deals have just been uploaded to Funbridge.

A total of 400 deals are now available in the library of commented deals and new deals will regularly be added to satisfy your desire to improve your play. 🙂

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The Commented deals mode can be found in the menu Get started/Practise or by clicking here.

One commented deal is offered to all players every week. Our Premium members have access to 3 commented deals per week and our Premium+ members have unlimited access! 💪

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  1. Hi . I just tried out one of your Commented Deals , for the first time .
    The advice on playing the hand was good , but i specialise in misplaying hands and still managed to make the contract even though i played the hand badly . The defence by West was even worse than my card play , when it covered an honour and in doing so gave me an entry to the North hand that i otherwise didn’t have .
    I tried to post a comment on the hand but i got a reject error . Are we not allowed to critique the Commented Hands at the time we play them 🙂 .
    Best wishes . BobW800 ( Bob Roobottom from Taree , Australia )

  2. Good afternoon, in spite of various “trial” runs, at the end of each and every game, I only see a blank. sheet. No results, no comments, absolutely nothing.
    I even tried to contact Tunbridge, the response check your Internet connection. This is absolute B S . I responded in this regular remark, having the ultimate Apple iPad Pro and Apple Studio devices with the most modern and fasted internet in the market.
    In spite of various email exchanges. no correct or satisfying answer from “Agatha”
    Kind regards to all Wim van der Wim

    • Hello,
      If you play on an Apple device, there are not so many options to fix an app if you encounter an issue. In that case, the problem seems to be on your device and is probably linked to the application’s cache. When it happens, the best way to get rid of it is usually to uninstall your app and all files related to it and then download it again from the Apple Store.
      If the issue remains, please contact again the customer support, and tell them the actions you have already engaged in. And if you can provide a screenshot of the issue, it should really help us.
      Thank you very much,

      Julien – Team Funbridge

  3. I think these commented deals are a great idea. However Argine sometimes sabotages the point somewhat by covering when she doesn’t have to, allowing you to make the contract…

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