Commented deals: will you find the best plan of play?

Commented deals

Let’s not be afraid of words: if you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve just stumbled on an absolute goldmine! 🤠 Commented deals are one of the latest enhancements made to Funbridge and contain educational treasures that should keep you busy for hours.

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Practice makes perfect

As a true bridge enthusiast, you have probably already read a deal commentary written by an expert. In a book, in a magazine like Bridgerama+ or even on the Funbridge blog… But do you sometimes have difficulties putting yourself in the shoes of the declarer whose mission is to find the best plan of play? Say no more, we have designed the perfect solution for you: from now on, you will be able to play a commented deal before discovering the expert’s analysis. Nothing beats practice.

The biggest deal library ever built

Join us and discover a library of commented deals like you’ve never seen before! At the time of writing, nearly 250 commented deals are already awaiting you and more than 500 others are being integrated by our bridge experts.

These deals are in fact bridge problems where you play on the attacking side to make a preset contract. You have to find THE plan of play that will lead you to the expected result. Here is a very entertaining game mode that will put your card play skills to the test!

Comments from experts
Image above: example of a commented deal. Click on the image to view full page.

Train yourself up in any bridge situation

The easiest way to play our commented deals is to click on Play and play a random deal among the hundreds available. A nice challenge, but you would not grasp just how powerful the tool that we have developed is. You can also decide which situation or techniques precisely you want to practice!

We have categorised all the deals and rated their difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 5, so you can filter them and create your own personalised training plan! Need to improve your plans of play in trump contracts? It’s possible. Having trouble mastering the squeeze? That’s no problem, there’s a category for that.

Easily find a game situation to work on:

Here you can see the commented deals available at the centre of the screen and some of the many filters that you can apply to practice any situation or technique on the right.

Try it now!

The Commented deals mode of Funbridge is accessible from the menu Getting started/Practise on the homescreen of Funbridge or by clicking here.

One commented deal is offered to all players every week. Our Premium members have access to 3 commented deals per week and our Premium+ members have unlimited access as part of their champion plan 💪

Your opinion matters to us

This game mode is an important new feature and we hope that it will challenge the most demanding among you. Try it out and share your feedback! Your opinion is very valuable to our team, it helps us steer Funbridge in the right direction: the one that fuels your passion for bridge.

What do you think of our commented deals? What would you like to see in future updates? Easier deals perhaps? Or the possibility to play the bidding phase? We’re looking forward to your feedback, let’s chat in the comments below this article!
Boris Plays
Boris Plays
Product Manager


  1. There are NO “commented deals ” in the Get started practice area. Can’t just one thing be easy ?

    • Hi Paul, I see that your iOS app has not yet been updated to the latest version, which is why you are not seeing the commented deals. Try to open the app store and manually update your app to test this new mode as soon as possible!

  2. Hey, I have two questions. I have premium programme valid thru July of 2023 (one year more). If I want to use comment deals I have to pay full price for Premium plus – but most of functions are the same or similar. Do you prepare some offer for players who like your app and have premium programme bought for long time, or this money are lost? 2nd matter – I bought commented tournaments and they disapeared – are there also lost money or you have some proposal according to not used commented tournaments? Greetings, IR.

    • Hello Igor, we have an ongoing discount on Premium+ plans, to celebrate the launch and thank our long-time players. In any case, with or without a discount, you should know that the money you spent on a Premium subscription is never lost: when you upgrade from Premium to Premium+ we calculate a prorata based on your remaining subscription time. For your second question, the commented tournaments have indeed been removed in favor of the new commented deals, much more interesting in our opinion. Players who still had a stock of commented tournaments purchased were offered diamonds to compensate for this disappearance.

  3. Now. In our exclusive tournament we can’t see the names of the players on each hand and what they bid and made. This pretty well takes the Fun out of Funbridge because the message board was used to kibbutz with everyone about their result on each hand.

    • Hi Judy, this is strange, exclusive tournaments haven’t change in a long time. The message board is still there, you can access it from any “end of deal” screen. Maybe you can contact our customer service to sort this out? This will allow you to discuss with our team and maybe send a screenshot to explain the matter. Thanks!

    • Hi Tom, I see you’re indeed an annual Premium user, you subscribed through our website shop. Actually if you decide to upgrade to Premium+ right now using our website shop ( you won’t pay anything until your next subscription renewal. Your remaining Premium subscription will be converted into Premium+ and your next renewal date will be automatically adjusted. Please note that there is a discount applied to Premium+ subscriptions at the moment so it may be the best time to give it a try.

  4. Use the App Store $399. No confirmation of pro rata discount. The communication is abysmal and shambolic.

  5. I have tried to renew my subscription since April l was not able to renew with my new credit card so l was not able to play unless I renewed by banking on line. Why have you done this? Why can’t I pay with my new credit card? I don’t use banking on line why are trying to force me ? Emily5

    • Hello Emily,
      Customer Support has answered you several times about this matter. The new security systems the banks have put in place may be a bit confusing initially, but you have no choice but to follow the steps if you want to buy online services. Not only ours but all of them.
      Customer Support will help you the best they can. Still, ultimately, if you need advice about how to use your payment method safely online, we recommend you ask your bank how their security methods are working to pay online. Most banks have an online guide to help users with this matter.

  6. I have tried to renew my subscription since April l was not able to renew with my new credit card so l was not able to play unless I renewed by banking on line. Why have you done this? Why can’t I pay with my new credit card? Emily5

    • Hello, it appears you have put your subscription on your second account, with the nickname McKool instead of Finn McKool. So I recommend using this one to play with all your advantages. This account is linked to your Gmail address if you want to reinitialize the password if you don’t remember it.
      If you need help with that, don’t hesitate to reach customer support here:
      Enjoy your game!

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