Mirror-Mirror tournament: Admire your reflection!

Miror-Miror Tournament

New! The Mirror-Mirror tournament is coming to Funbridge. Observe the reflection of your cards in your partner’s hand. In this tournament the North-South hands have mirror distribution.

The first edition will take place from 28 to 31 March. Make sure you register and take up the symmetry challenge!

A tournament with a touch of magic!

Imagine that you are playing and a symmetry emerges as if by magic. You and your partner have 5 diamond cards each. You hold a king? He does too. Your cards seem to be reflected in your partner’s holding, creating a magic link between your hands.

Miroir Tournament

The Mirror-Mirror tournament is a new Funbridge Points tournament of 10 deals scored by MPs. The North-South players have the same distribution.

Miroir Tournament

You share not only the same number of cards in each suit, but the same values too. For instance, you hold the Ace of Hearts, the 2 of Spades and the 3 of Diamonds. Your partner also has an ace, a 2 and a 3 in his hand.

In this tournament, you will be able to guess your partner’s cards just by looking at your own cards: the number of cards in each suit, the number of points and the values.

Tournament details

  • The Mirror-Mirror tournament will be held from the 28th March at 06:00 (UTC+1) to the 31th March at 06:00 (UTC+1).
  • The entry fee is 50 Diamonds ♦️.
  • To register, all you have to do is go to “Play a tournament” > “Federation tournaments” > “Funbridge Points”. Or click the link below and register now:
Miroir Tournament

Your opinion matters to us

“I am pleased to have contributed to this brand-new tournament that I really like. It will take you to a utopian world where you can guess all your partner’s cards, and hence those held by your opponents, at first glance. Feel free to share your opinion and suggestions. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Mirror mirror on the table, who’s the best of them all?

Avatar Vincent Gallais
Vincent Gallais
from the Funbridge team

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